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Red Wine - El Fin De Los Tiempos (8/10) - Spain - 2002

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Arise Records
Playing time: 54:55
Band homepage: Red Wine


  1. Soldados De Fe
  2. Vencer O Morir
  3. El Fin De La Tiempos
  4. El Rostro De Satan
  5. Senderos De Gloria
  6. Redencion
  7. Mi Triste Final
  8. Dioses Sin Voz
  9. Duelo Final
  10. El Ultimo Amanecer
Red Wine - El Fin De Los Tiempos
No, I didn't want to like any Happy Metal anymore. I had sworn this and now I get RED WINE and - I like them. Okay, they also sing in Spanish, maybe that's it! Or the variable song-writing. At times they sound like old ANGRA with Spanish vocals.

But RED WINE have a bigger Prog-influences than the Brazilians and no ethno-parts. I really like the keyboard-solos, which appear to be very tense and fresh. Singer Mario sounds very close to Andre Matos (Ex-ANGRA), so has a very high voice. I like him best in the lower vocal-passages, his personal highlight is the fantastic calm piece "Mi Triste Final". Unfortunately some of the choirs just sound too happy, as in "Vencer O Morir" or the title-track. But apart from that a very good album.

Friends of this style, let's call it Symphonic Speed, can add some to the rating, because the album just stands out from the whole flood. The Spaniards go at it with much energy and heart-blood and you really should have heard the lead-guitars. A song like "El Ultimo Amanecer" just is great and it also doesn't have too much of a happy melody. Or "Duelo Final" drills right into your brain and sticks to it.

Who has the last DARK MOOR, ANGRA and RHAPSODY-albums and doesn't get put off by the Spanish vocals should get this!

Ralf Henn

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