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Yob - The Unreal Never Lived (8,5/10) - USA - 2005

Genre: Stoner Metal / Doom Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 51:51
Band homepage: Yob


  1. Quantum Mystic
  2. Grasping Air
  3. Kosmos
  4. The Mental Tyrant
Yob - The Unreal Never Lived

YOB is a band that is very special; they have been playing a unique style of Stoner/Doom that I call “Stoom”, yes very original I know. I had not really heard any of their stuff before the album “The Illusion Of Motion” came out, but after hearing of this band’s reputation I decided to pick up “The Illusion Of Motion” and was blown away, it was seriously great to hear just straight up “Stoom” (o yeah, it will catch on, just wait), the atmosphere was thick, the guitars crunchy, the vocals, reminiscent of RUSH, now that was an album! So after hearing they released a new one I immediately went out and bought it and to my expectation, it was once again, awesome.


This album features a great production, even better than “The Illusion Of Motion” now most people probably won’t notice as it’s a very small difference, but the production on this album is much more organic, a thick, fuzzy sound, yet very clear. Amazing job with that! The music you ask? Well, it’s awesome, this is what I would refer to as premium “Stoom”, they have this great sound and it keeps them from mimicking all the other Doom bands who are trying to sound like A) MY DYING BRIDE B) DISEMBOWELMENT or C) PENTAGRAM, yes they don’t fit into the Death/Doom, the Funeral Doom, or the true Doom genres, they are something different, a mix of Rock and Roll, Stoner, Heavy and Doom Metal. Alas, these would not combine into one word easily to I stuck with “Stoom Metal.”


“Quantum Mystic” is a killer, the hook in this song is the great riff and the song has a great groove, a seriously great groove; the vocals during this song very a bit more than previous, moving into the more aggressive territory (more on that later). Another great track is “Kosmos” featuring a huge riff, mightier than many I’ve hear before, this song is great, really great. Like “The Illusion Of Motion” there is a massive song on the album and on this one it’s “The Mental Tyrant”, a song of epic proportions, clocking in at over 20 minutes this stuff is brain nectar at its best. Slower than slow, Doomier than Doom and fuzzier than Cookie Monster if he just went through the dryer. This is an epic way to end this fantastic album.


I’m going to give a warning, this is some serious Doom and perhaps too serious for some of you, by that I mean those of you who don’t think songs should be longer than short films. But if you like doom to be a little more progressive and don’t mind YOB’s more aggressive approach (the vocals and guitars and especially the drumming, it’s used much more), or their mighty metaphysical lyrical content (seriously read it, it’s actually very intelligent); this is some of the greatest “Stoom” you can find! (Online July 10, 2006)

Sam Becherer

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