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Kragens - Seeds Of Pain (8,5/10) - France - 2005

Genre: Power Metal / Thrash Metal
Label: Locomotive Music
Playing time: 42:52
Band homepage: Kragens


  1. Seeds Of Pain >mp3
  2. The Last
  3. Danger Of Death
  4. Darkness
  5. I Choose To Die
  6. Reconquista
  7. Dream In Black
  8. Over The Deadline
  9. Sonderkommandos Defy
Kragens - Seeds Of Pain

Well this is interesting. KRAGENS mix Power, Thrash and Death Metal in quite seamless fashion in its sophomore effort, “Seeds Of Pain”. Everything here meshes very well, without sounding disjointed, which can be difficult when several styles are present.


On “Seeds Of Pain”, KRAGENS is stylistically most similar to Denmark’s MERCENARY, but similarities can be drawn to many bands, including: NEVERMORE, MANTICORA, SCARIOT, and COMMUNIC. Like the material from these bands, “Seeds Of Pain” is modern, very heavy, and somewhat progressive in structure.


The vocals on “Seeds Of Pain” are a real treat, ranging from powerful and clear, to a Black Metal-ish rasp, to a guttural Death Metal roar. And all three vocal styles can be found on nearly every song.


“Seeds Of Pain” is very strong release, by a band that should have a very bright future ahead of them in today’s Metal world. Fans of any of the above listed styles or the above listed bands would do themselves a favor by checking KRAGENS out. (Online September 11, 2006)

Eric Vieth

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