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Dario Mollo/Tony Martin - The Cage 2 (6/10) - Italy - 2002

Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Frontiers Records
Playing time: 61:03
Band homepage: Dario Mollo/Tony Martin


  1. Terra Toria
  2. Overload
  3. Life Love And Everything
  4. Balance Of Power
  5. Amore Silenzioso
  6. II (Instrumental)
  7. Wind Of Change
  8. Theater Of Dreams
  9. What A Strange Thing Love Is
  10. Dazed And Confused
  11. Guardian Angel
  12. Poison Roses
Dario Mollo/Tony Martin - The Cage 2
Tony Martin - I love his voice, Dario Mollo's last effort VOODOO HILL also was quite usable Melodic Rock, basically good omen for the second part of their collaboration, suitingly titled "The Cage 2".

The whole thing has resulted in a traditional Hard Rock-album with bluesy list, which somehow has something that doesn't go through with me. As much as I like Martin's vocals, here he utilises a different side of his voice than, e.g., on "Headless Cross", more bluesy, less clear, not as expressive. Musically everything is in the green, experienced, well arranged, if lacking highlights, the material altogether too much disappears in the mass.

But definitely, songs like the powerful "Terra Toria", "Life Love And Everything" or "Amore Silenzioso" are quality offerings, no question, the LED ZEPPELIN-cover "Dazed And Confused" is a question of your personal taste, I never liked ZEP, so doesn't really work with me from the beginning.

Altogether not bad, but doesn't really hit my nerve…

Alexander Melzer

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