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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - CRAFT - Fuck The Universe

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Craft - Fuck The Universe (8/10) - Sweden - 2004

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Southern Lord Recordings
Playing time: 51:18
Band homepage: Craft


  1. Earth A Raging Blaze
  2. Thorns In The Planet’s Side
  3. Fuck The Universe
  4. Assassin 333
  5. Demonspeed
  6. Terni Exusta: Queen Reaper
  7. Xenophobia
  8. The Suffering Of Others
  9. Destroy All
  10. According To Him
  11. Principium Anguis
Craft - Fuck The Universe

CRAFT have been around for awhile now, since 1994 I’ve heard. That means that they were around in the heydays of Black Metal. I found it odd that they didn’t release anything until the year ’99. It seems to me that they could’ve been prime Black Metal stars if they released anything back in the mid 90s. Their debut “Total Soul Rape” was a decent output, with some good riffs and song writing. But it wasn’t until the release of “Terror Propaganda” that CRAFT became one of my favorite “tr00 Black Metal” bands.


“Fuck The Universe” continues on the same path of “Terror Propaganda”, meaning it has more diversity and variations to songs and their structures. The song material is more of the same, being filled with hate and whatnot, I mean come on, just read the damn album name! Speaking of which, no, the subjects aren’t very unique, (as you can probably tell, once again, by the name) nor are the song titles and only a few song lyrics are very interesting. Is this a problem? Well, no not really. I would prefer intelligent song-writing to “blackness” any day, but the music is very catchy and grim.


Another change CRAFT input into their sound is the production values. Instead of the 4-track sound we get a crisp, clear and heavy production. The guitars are crunchy, the drums are full and the bass is audible. One thing that hasn’t changed though is Nox’s vocals, which is good, because I really like his Black Metal Screams. He does a lot less of those howls (only on “The Suffering of Others”)on this album though, which kind of bummed me out because the ones on “Terror Propaganda” were awesome. It seems though that CRAFT is moving a way from the DARKTHRONE sound and more into the CARPATHIAN FOREST area. No, they don’t play a black’n’roll like sound yet but CRAFT doesn’t seem to be blasting and using one riff the whole song. CRAFT on “Fuck The Universe” is more like SABBATH running into CARPATHIAN FOREST. John and Joakim have slowed down the pace considerably since “Terror Propaganda” and are now stretching the songs out longer and making them heavier. Just look at the rock fests of “Destroy All”, “According to Him” and the doom laden finisher “Principium Anguis”. I think this doomier and rock sound is fitting for the message CRAFT delivers and makes this album very enjoyable. Recommended for you fans of CARPATHIAN FOREST, NARGAROTH and of course DARKTHRONE. (Online July 14, 2006)

Sam Becherer

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