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Fate - V (7,5/10) - Denmark - 2006

Genre: Hard Rock
Label: MTM Music
Playing time: 54:50
Band homepage: Fate


  1. Butterfly
  2. Heaven's Crying Too
  3. Everything About You >mp3
  4. Ecstacy
  5. Nobody Loves You The Way I Do
  6. Burned Child >mp3
  7. I'll Get By
  8. Life
  9. Fate >mp3
  10. Memories Won't Die
  11. Toxic
Fate - V

How much I hated them – FATE, the band because of which Hank Sherman had disbanded the gods of MERCYFUL FATE. Because of this extremely uncool poser bullshit which it was to me back then...Years went by and MERCYFUL FATE are active again (?), and so are FATE. And they are already releasing their fifth album, without Sherman, though. With the following line-up: Per Johansson-vocals, Peter Steinecke-bass, Soren Hoff-guitars and Michael Kvist-drums you get a decent slab of eighties Hard Rock.


And it’s not even bad! On the contrary! The production by Tommy Hansen (PRETTY MAIDS, HELLOWEEN among others) is really powerful and the songs groove decently. Those who like listening to PRETTY MAIDS, THUNDER or VAN HALEN should truly enjoy this CD. I had some preconceived notions, even though I had never heard a single note by FATE. That was a mistake. After all, you should not dismiss well-done Hard Rock or Melodic Metal. And the Danes know their job and as long as they produce songs like “Butterfly” or “Life”, I will be content. That said, this does not sound outdated but contemporarily started up sound-wise, with choirs and cool choruses! A real surprise! (Online July 15, 2006)

Ralf Henn

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