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Burn In Silence - Angel Maker (8/10) - USA - 2006

Genre: Metalcore / Progressive Metal
Label: Prosthetic Records
Playing time: 38:09
Band homepage: Burn In Silence


  1. Lines From An Epitaph
  2. Rebirth
  3. The Age In Which Tomorrow Brings
  4. Embrace The Plague
  5. Primal Human Pain
  6. Angel Maker
  7. Judging Hope
  8. Well Adjusted
  9. Watching Dead Leaves Fall
  10. World Of Regret


Burn In Silence - Angel Maker

This release, the debut full length from up and coming Massachusetts Metalcore band BURN IN SILENCE, was accompanied by one of the most pretentious press releases I’ve ever had the misfortune of laying my eyes on, so after reading through that I had mixed anticipations towards the album. Luckily the music is much more enjoyable and engaging than I expected.


This band may seem similar to many of the thousands of other bands in this oversaturated subgenre, but they are definitely not without merit. There is a level of progressiveness present in the song writing here that may astound many listeners expecting this band to be a carbon copy of acts like the horribly overrated TRIVIUM or other bands of the ilk. I might even go as far as to state that this may very well be the most forward-looking and proggy Modern Metal album I’ve ever heard! From the second the drums and twisted riffs of “Line From An Epitaph” kick in, the band just lets loose with furious riffing, intricate drumming, surprisingly effective backing keyboards and millions of odd little time changes. Hell, this music kicks in so many different directions that it is hard to keep up with the songs and this may actually harm the overall product a little since this stuff will only sink in after numerous listens. Definitely not your average angst-ridden emo band then…


The very ballad-esque “The Age In Which Tomorrow Brings” is actually one of my favorite songs on here and its brilliant clean vocal line and mesmerizing opening harmonies are spot on. Then there’s also the Thrashy “Primal Human Pain”, the blistering “Watching Dead Leaves Fall” (just listen to the awesome opening drumming on here!) and the whirlwind closer “World Of Regret” to further impress the listener. Great stuff all around!


Even though I absolutely enjoy and appreciate the approach the band followed here, I must also add that it also works a bit to the album’s detriment because the near constant time changes and atonal riffing ensures that no real riffs ever get going, so this might not be an easy listen. But this is minor nitpicking, - overall this band is very impressive on here and I can only wonder what they might come up with on future releases. Every genre has its own musical prodigies and bold experimentalists – Death Metal had CYNIC and EDGE OF SANITY (among others), Heavy Metal has bands like VANDEN PLAS and DREAM THEATER, Black Metal had crackpots like IN THE WOODS and now, finally, Metalcore has BURNING IN SILENCE…


Great effort, but not recommended for those with short attention spans and/or ADD!


We will all burn in silence! (Online August 25, 2006)

Neil Pretorius

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