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DK Limb - Defy Define Definition (8,5/10) - USA - 2006

Genre: Alternative Rock
Label: Alveran Records
Playing time: 45:57
Band homepage: DK Limb


  1. What I Want Vs. What I Need >mp3
  2. Kisses On the Hand Of Progress
  3. 6 A.M.
  4. Defy Define Definition
  5. Don’t Get Lost In Texas
  6. Said And Done
  7. Charlton Heston Ain’t Got Guns Like These
  8. The Montauk Project
  9. Running Out Of Time
  10. Didn’t Go To College (But Look At Me, I’m Kick Ass)
  11. Cellphone Lights And Fire
DK Limb - Defy Define Definition

When I found the album from those five guys hailing from Florida on my desk and saw the logo of Alveran Records on the back side of the CD, I expected the next fury of Hard- or Metalcore, but it’s often different than that what you think or suppose. DK LIMB are far away from Hardcore in musical respect and can be rather categorized as Alternative Rock, however, they won’t definitely fail at this profession as the songs on “Defy Define Definition“ are magnificent.


Just on the first song “What I Want Vs. What I Need”, it’s shown how good, modern and energetic Rock music has to sound nowadays. A certain similarity to 35 CRAZYFISTS from Alaska can’t be denied, especially in the vocals, but there are also analogies in musical respect. Additionally, there is a spot of FAITH NO MORE, GLASSJAW and INCUBUS (just remember the great album “S.C.I.E.N.C.E.“ or “Make Yourself“) and you can imagine where the musical tent of DK LIMB is pitched. Apropos tent: especially such markedly quiet songs as “Don’t Get Lost In Texas“ or “Running Out Of Time“ are fit for a gathering around the crackling bonfire in the evening in a perfect manner.  The song “Said And Done“ following “Don’t Get Lost In Texas“ lets off steam which was kept under control in the previous song. Here, you are allowed to clamor and let out your frustration.


Of course, great melodies as in “Kisses On The Hand Of Progress“ or in the title track can also be found here and that is exactly one of the big advantages which DK LIMB have in contrast to other young bands with a similar musical attitude. Each song is made of a piece and everything is comprehensible and compact, not depending on the times they change the degree of heaviness within the single tracks. The best example for this claim is “Charlton Heston Ain’t Got Guns Like These“ or even “Didn’t Go To College (But Look At Me, I’m Kick Ass)“ because alternation is overriding and though, they take care not to ask too much of the listener as it is done by many profiling, extremely technical bands. DK LIMB quasi found a solution for this problem and made a first-class album in technical respect which never lacks of melodies and is heavy, though.


It’s redundant to mention that the production is also very good and all the eleven songs get out of the boxes in a bombastic manner. Hopefully, there will be enough fans of music who try a listen to this album and aren’t frightened by the logo of Alveran Records. Exceptionally, there is no Hardcore here, but great rock music, surely!. Congratulations to the band and also to the label which has found an absolute highlight. (Online July 22, 2006)

Alexander Ehringer

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