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Taste Of Doom - All Quiet On The West Front (8/10) - Germany - 2005

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 20:56
Band homepage: Taste Of Doom


  1. Alia Of The Knives >mp3
  2. All Quiet >mp3
  3. Beast Of Prey
  4. Disciples Of Doom
  5. Eldarquest >mp3
Taste Of Doom - All Quiet On The West Front

Almost 3 years ago, Sven Weber (b), Björn Weber (v) and Martin Schäfer (g) formed the Melodic-Thrash Metal band TASTE OF DOOM from Kirchheim. Björn Laskowski (d) and Johannes Rohrbach (g) completed later on the line-up of this new formation from Germany. The first result of this consistence was their first demo-tape and their first gig in front of about 200 noses. Shortly after that, Björn Laskowski left the band for musical and personal reasons. Lars Härtel finally took his place behind the drum-kit and they made a 2-track-demo in the beginning of 2005. Later on in this year, in July to be exact, they were honoured to open for Bay Area-legends HEATHEN in Bad Hersfeld. I was there and it was an awesome show by TASTE OF DOOM and I truly hope that they will record their culty encore “Die Gedanken Sind Frei” for the next record. This song rocks – at least the version of those five headbangers! After several other concerts, they released their current demo “All Quiet On The West Front” in October 2005. The next one or maybe a full-length album is scheduled for this year, but till this ones out I’ll rather tell you about the 5-track-demo instead.


“Alia Of The Knives” is a felicitous opener, building slowly into an awesome (faster) mid-tempo-banger. Kick-ass number, which will work wonderfully on the stage. The second song “All Quiet” is rooted nearly in the same pace. The partly pounding number is held together by a simple (but awesome) riff. A piece with a lot of breaks is “Beast Of Prey”, the least song of the demo, cause the awesome riffs and melodies of the other songs are missing. The short “Disciples Of Doom” is headed another way, though. A heavy riff, well-timed breaks, clean-played solos – operation well-done! The finishing “Eldarquest” is again a more catchy up-tempo-banger with melodic riffs, but still holding place for some quiet breaks for variety. A felicitous finish for a very good demo!


The production of “All Quiet On The West Front” could have been better, though. Nonetheless you know what you’ve got with this demo. Just the demo of a very young band. Of course, the very old-school sound is a big advantage for TASTE OF DOOM, but if they were able to do this with a bigger production it would be awesome as hell. If you are a Thrash Metal-fan who enjoys awesome riffs and melodies, you should definitely get this one. (Online July 25, 2006)

Chris Kraemer

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