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Galactic Cowboys - Let It Go (6/10) - USA - 2000

Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 73:53
Band homepage: Galactic Cowboys


  1. Intro
  2. T.I.M.
  3. A Different Way
  4. Life And Times
  5. Flag
  6. Disney's Spinnin'
  7. Hey Mr.
  8. Another Hill
  9. Dirty Hands
  10. Boom!
  11. Ordinary
  12. Internalize
  13. Swimming In December
  14. Song For Sybo
  15. Future
  16. Bucket Of Chicken
  17. The Record Ends
Galactic Cowboys - Let It Go
So this is it, the last album of the GALACTIC COWBOYS - and I personally will not miss them, innovative or not...
Musically they go into the same direction as KING'S X and add many, many things into their Alternative-infused sound, sometimes coming over poppy, sometimes hippiesque or really heavy in many shades and still find the time to add some absolutely weird and insane parts into their compositions that make your hackles raise.
"Life And Times" with its KING'S X-list, the very catchy "Hey Mr." (if you overhear the strange middle part) or the surprisingly heavy "Internalize" of course are songs that you like to listen to more than once, but unfortunately they do not manage to keep this level over the whole CD and latest when the aptly titled "The Record Ends" turns into a gruesome noise-cacophony at half-time (which is at around 8:30 minutes), all these positive points are forgotten...
Even though some die hard GC-fans will try to stone me, but I do it as the album-title implies and let them go, without shedding a single tear...

Alexander Melzer

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