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Thy Primordial - At The World Of Untrodden Wonder (7/10) - Sweden - 1999

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Pulverised Records
Playing time: 51:03
Band homepage: Thy Primordial


  1. For Fires To Burn
  2. Once On Fortunes Throne
  3. The Fatal Journey
  4. At The World Of Untrodden Wonder
  5. Departure - Astray In Spirit
  6. Amongst The Chosen Last
  7. The Burden Of Time
  8. To Ruin And Decay
  9. My Beloved Darkness
  10. Revealed Throughout The Ages
Thy Primordial - At The World Of Untrodden Wonder
It's quite amusing that a label from Singapore signs only Swedish Death Metal-bands...

One of those lucky bands are THY PRIMORDIAL, who already have their second album out with "At The World Of Untrodden Wonder" and have matured a lot since their debut "Where Only Seasons Mark The Path Of Time", because there almost exceptionless High-Speed Death Metal with some Black-tendencies, could be found. Even though the paint still crumbles from their faces, they now are a lot more varied.

Of course there still are Death Metal-destroyers like "For Fires To Burn" or "Departure - Astray In Spirit", but nowadays they are loosened up by slower and more melodious parts ("Once On Fortunes Throne", "Amongst The Chosen Lost") and even deep, clear vocals create some welcome variety, like in the very good title-track and the closing "Revealed Throughout The Ages", very nice.

And the best thing is that the implementation of these parts do not hamper the brutality and intensity, but quite the contrary, the melodic passages even enhance the extremity of the rest.

When they continue to develop this way, then the third album has to be an absolutely great one!

Alexander Melzer

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