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Mosher, Scott - Deep Horizon (8,5/10) - USA - 2006

Genre: Ambient Rock
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 60:38
Band homepage: Mosher, Scott


  1. Deep Horizon >mp3
  2. The Breaking Point
  3. Light Years
  4. A Path Of Pride
  5. Turning Away
  6. In Visible Darkness
  7. Remembering The Future
  8. Falling Down >mp3
  9. Zero Hour
  10. The Space Between Lives >mp3
Mosher, Scott - Deep Horizon

Scott Mosher seems to feel very comfortable in his role as multi instrumentalist and independent musician (i.e. without a record deal), because with “Deep Horizon“ he now offers us his fourth album, all released on his own, and once more it can compete with or even surpass many label productions both musically and visually. And that he basically has his own style just adds more weight to his case. As categorization I put “Ambient Rock” and indeed it basically is an exact mix of these two styles, greatly combined on these CDs.


There is one change on “Deep Horizon“ though, singer Todd Corsa only acts in the background now, instead a certain Scott Oliva (WIND WRAITH, LIFE AFTER DEATH, INNER STRENGTH) has taken over the mic and I must say that he does a very good job indeed, seamlessly fitting into the high quality of the compositions. And from the get go “Deep Horizon“ (the song) amalgamates Ambient-like keyboard sounds, electric guitars and the excellent vocals in a unique way, building up an almost hypnotic mood and letting the listener drift away. And this continues to thread through the rest of the album, in different ratios, of course, showing the different sides of the composer Scott Mosher.


“The Breaking Point“ contains a playful guitar melody, a calm verse and then a guitar-driven chorus, while on “A Path Of Pride“ the guitars are comforted by spacy keyboards. “Turning Away“ and “In Visible Darkness“ continue this level of quality, before “Remembering The Future“ unleashes a long instrumental, which is not just atmospheric, but very varied in fact, still with a lot of room for long, dreamy lead passages, great! And as contrast to that “Falling Down” shows the straighter, more driving side of Scott Mosher, especially in the chorus, works very well, too!


I am not all that sure anymore, if the record labels are simply tone deaf or of Scott is just not interested in moving his creations to a label, because the quality is outstanding, the originality is there as well, so basically the whole package is ready for the stores… Both thumbs up for Scott Mosher! (Online July 27, 2006)

Alexander Melzer

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