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THE METAL OBSERVER - Interview - FIORLETTA, SIMONE - Online Sep 2006

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Fiorletta, Simone - Thank You (Simone Fiorletta/Andrea De Paoli) - Online Sep 2006

To many of you, Italian guitarist Simone Fiorletta is far from a Heavy Metal household name. But as a member of Progressive Metal band MOONLIGHT COMEDY and an up-and-coming solo artist, Mr. Fiorletta is working hard to change that. Keyboard player Andrea De Paoli may strike a more familiar tone, as a member of Italian Power Metal heavyweights LABYRINTH. Now, the two have come together to work on Fiorletta’s second solo outing. Rounded out by other top-notch musicians, the album promises to top Fiorletta’s already good sophomore album, “Parallel Worlds”. Fiorletta and De Paoli recently took the time to give us the scoop in their musical world.


Simone, Andrea, Greetings to both of you. Thank you in advance for the interview!

Simone, I would like to start by getting a bit of background on you, since many are probably still unfamiliar with your work. Could you tell us a bit about how you got into music?

Simone: Hi Eric, thanks for the interview.

You must know that I'm surrounded by a brother and two cousins bigger than me who have made those experiences, for example taking music lessons. When I was seven, my brother and my cousins played guitars and bass so I have approached to the music world. At first I take for four years (of) piano lessons; then, when I'm twelve, after having listened to my first Metal albums I passed to the electric guitar.

Then I made a teenage band where we tried to play METALLICA, SEPULTURA, IRON MAIDEN and others.

Soon I have understood that this was my way, my future, my music, and if now I'm here to answer your questions, I believe that I'm building something.


At 23 years old you’ve already accomplished more than most musicians do in a lifetime. What do you attribute your great productivity to?

Simone: In the meantime I'm 24 years old!


Oh! I was going by the bio on your web site. Sorry about that.

Simone: What can I answer you? For me everything is all very natural, but it's also as a dream that I'm trying to let realize. Maybe I'm living easily this situation so having a world discography; it's still nothing to me. I'm living everything with so much humility; I always praise the others to spur me to do more. In your life everything you do is never enough!


I would like to talk for a moment about “Parallel Worlds”. How did that album come about?

Simone: I don't like to plan my works. Usually I let me carry by emotions. I always try to imagine my life as a short film and so (I) play all the past, present and future events. In “Parallel Worlds” you can find “For You”, written thinking about the relationship I have with my mother; or “Blue Eyes”, where I describe the love for my blue eyes girlfriend. In my new album there will be “Welcome Anita!” written for the daughter of a dear cousin of mine!


“Parallel Worlds” is really an intriguing album, which makes you think while allowing you to relax at the same time. Was this an intention?

Simone: The Metal side of Simone Fiorletta goes out all inside the MOONLIGHT COMEDY, my Power-Prog band with the second work out in January 2007. When I compose for my solo albums, I concentrate more on the expressive side of myself, to the more calm, romantic, peaceful, and you can see all that inside the songs.


What were your inspirations on “Parallel Worlds”?

Simone: As I have told you, first I play my life and my loved ones too. I don't try to emulate a particular style. I feel great respect and admiration towards Satriani, Neil Zaza, Neal Schon, but this doesn't want to say that composing music means (I) try to imitate my idols.


Now, I would like to talk about the project you and Andrea are working on together. I read on your website that you two have worked together on TV and movie spots. How did you come together and can you tell me a bit about your prior projects?

Simone: Andrea works with an agency that furnishes jingles or anything (that) can serve to the Italian televisions. Considering the relationship between us out of music too, Andrea proposed (to) me to collaborate with that agency and naturally I didn't draw back, but now we concentrate on my new album.


Do you have a specific name for the project you are working on together?

Simone: If you are talking about my new album, it will be always a Simone Fiorletta work but this time I have a "super-band": Andrea De Paoli (LABYRINTH) on the keyboards, Pasko (SIGMA, CANS / HAMMERFALL) on the bass guitar and the great Tony Liotta (STING, TINA TURNER, SANTANA and many others) on the drums. What do you think about it?!


There’s lots of talent there for sure. What can we expect from the project musically?

Simone: My style, but this time everything is enriched by a good presence of keyboards, because in all the compositions I have left a lot of space to Andrea. To everybody, Andrea De Paoli's fans, when the album will be out you must absolutely have it!


How does the song writing go for this? Do you two work together on compositions?

Simone: I am the composer, but everybody works on the arrangements because each of them has composed their own part without any conditioning.


Do you approach the song writing for this project any differently than you do for your solo work, Simone?

Simone: When I work in my solo albums, as I told you, I am the sole author. Inside the MOONLIGHT COMEDY, each of us is free to express or contribute towards the song, but usually me and the drummer work on the music while the singer works on the lyrics. As far as it concerns the television composition, everything is different because there we work in digital, programming the instruments almost all.


How did you two come together with Pasko and Tony Liotta?

Simone: Andrea had the opportunity to know Tony and Pasko and to play with them. During their tour I took part in a live in concert so we made friends. Anyway, thanks to Andrea.


How much input do they have in the songwriting?

Simone: You can listen (to) the difference of the new album in comparison with “Parallel Worlds”. The music will answer to this question.


Will this be a one time pairing or do intend to make this a full-time band?

Simone: We are a real band, there's also a promotional tour for this album. We are disposed to work together again since we have become good friends.


When will your new album see the light of day?

Simone: All being well in September's end the recordings will begin in Dortmund (Germany), then in Italy. The release is in February 2007. Anyway you can visit / /


Is there anything else you would like to add, before we go on?

Simone: I want to say that if you like “Parallel Worlds”, with the new album you will meet your match.


Andrea, I have to ask, how everything is going in the LABYRINTH camp?

Andrea: Everything is going great. Actually we are doing the pre-production for the new album and playing in some big Italian festivals


I know there were a lot of mixed responses to “Freeman” due to a bit of a change of direction. I liked the album, but enjoyed the previous self-titled album more. Will the follow-up continue in the direction of “Freeman”?

Andrea: The 90 percent of the responses were positive. For who did expect “Return" number 2 could be a disappointment. LABYRINTH is an animal who's keeping its constant evolution. When we are going to write a new album the direction of it is not planned. So you can expect anything. Anyway I can say the new album will be more fresh, maybe similar to "Return" atmospheres and "Freeman" structure.


When might we see the new album?

Andrea: Between October and December LABYRINTH will do the recording sessions, so the new album should be released around February or March 2007.


What is the music climate like in Italy? From the outside looking in, we see a lot of bands coming from the area (many of which are greatly influenced by LABYRINTH), but I wanted to know if it actually is as great of a scene as it appears?

Andrea: I guess it's almost impossible to get big bands out of Italy. That's why the national music market has a lack of experiences and a lack of money. If the Italian bands would have the same chances as the Scandinavian ones we could have a great number of big bands as well as in the other main musical countries. I can give you examples. Bands like NIGHTWISH, STRATOVARIOUS, HAMMERFALL, and many others make platinum and golden album in their own countries.

According to me Italy has many good bands, but a lot of Italian people do not support their own nation.


And now for the questions that I like to ask everyone: What are your guys’ thoughts on the current state of music?

Simone/Andrea: You know the answer: not good. We know the past but we don't (know) what will be the future of the music. In 5 years we assisted at many changes in the way to listen, buy and share music. We will see what (will) happen and what will be the alternatives to get a renewed music business.


If I were to look inside each of your CD players right now, what would I find playing?

Andrea: Tony Liotta “Human Steps”, WHITESNAKE, movie and manga soundtracks, classical music taken from the romantic period.



I know you are both obviously very busy with music, but do either you find time for any hobbies outside of music?

Andrea: I like sports, I taken licenses to do fitness trainer and swim trainer. These activities take the second place in my life. Then I like to read books, best sellers or contemporary historical books and anything else!

Simone: Now I prefer to concentrate completely on the music. I founded a music school near my country. I'm pushing to bring my name higher, then I will look around to look for another hobby and to take my mind off a little.


Is there anything either of you would like to add?

Andrea: I would like to add that I'm very happy to play in the new Simone Fiorletta album. I know a great musician and a great friend. Then I would like to invite all of you to check this album. Last but not least I say thanks to “The Metal Observer” to bring us there as guest. See you at the beginning of 2007, have a great summer!

Simone: I thank my great “Keyboards player – Friend” Andrea De Paoli, and thank you again for your availability and we will make ourselves heard soon. In the meantime see you on my web site:




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