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Timeless Miracle - It has been great! (Mikael Holst) - Online Jul 2006

TIMELESS MIRACLE hail from Sweden and can best be described as a new Power Metal sensation. The band’s debut album, “Into The Enchanted Chamber”, was released in 2005 and has received rave reviews from critics all over the globe. Already at work on the follow-up album, lead vocalist/bass player Mikael Holst took some time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions regarding the past present and future of TIMELESS MIRACLE.


Thank you in advance for answering my questions and congratulations on the debut album. As you know by my review, I absolutely love it!

Thanks a bunch!


First, could you please give me a bit of a background on TIMELESS MIRACLE?

Well, it all started in 1996 when Fredrik and our old drummer Kim Widfors approached me to be the vocalist and bass player for a band they wanted to start. They had done a very crude demo tape containing guitar and drums only, it sounded like shit and the music was not very good but I was still mesmerized and agreed to join them right away. Under the name TRAPPED (Yes from the RAGE album) we wrote and rehearsed songs for about 6 months before playing our first and only couple of gigs. The music can be described as old school Heavy Metal with Power Metal influences and we were not the most popular local band at that time :-) bearing in mind that this was the age of British pop and indie-music.

The band was soon split up when Kim decided to become a bartender and moved abroad. Fredrik and I decided to continue writing music with the help of a drum-machine and after a couple of demos we finally recorded the demo that eventually led to our record deal, "The Enchanted Chamber".

After some negotiation with a smaller European label we finally decided to accept an offer from the Swedish production company RoastingHouse in our hometown, Malmö. The album was recorded and licensed to Massacre Records for the European regions and Marquee/Avalon for Japan and the south Asian market.


I have to ask, where did the name TIMELESS MIRACLE come from? It's a unique name, and somehow very fitting for the music.

It's actually comes from an old TRAPPED song that we never recorded. The reason we choose it was that it didn't contain any of the usual Power Metal words like Fire, Dragon etc, but still sounded like a Power Metal name.


Who are the band's main influences?

In the beginning we were influenced by usual pioneers in this kind of Metal like HELLOWEEN, RUNNING WILD, RAGE and RHAPSODY. But lately we have been more and more drawn towards Swedish and Irish Folk music as well as classical music.


Judging by the reviews on your website, the debut has received great critical response. How has the overall fan response been to "Into The Enchanted Chamber"?

So far it has been great!! We get very positive responses from all over the world and it's always nice to know that people enjoy the music.


Who comes up with those wonderful melodies found through out the album?

That would be me and Fredrik. The melodies are the most important part of a song in our opinion and we can easily abandon a cool riff for the sake of a great melody. Most of the negative criticism we get is from the reviewers who prefer non-melodic music like Death Metal and such and I can understand that. But then again we don't write music for that group of people, we write for people like ourselves who enjoy fast, melodic Metal.


Do you all listen to much Folk music, as many of the melodies have an old-world Folk sound to them?

Not so much you would think when listening to our music. It's more of something we grew up with than something we listen to regular. In Sweden we have music lessons in school and we sing and play mostly old Folk tunes there so it's in our blood.


What were the lyrical inspirations for "Into The Enchanted Chamber"?

Most of the lyrics are based on horror movie themes as you might have suspected. This is something we in the band decided together as we wanted to have a theme/image for the band. We felt that the Horror Metal genre was perhaps not something new but at least it wasn't over represented in the Metal scene.


How long did it take to write and record the debut, and what was the recording process like?

It's difficult to say how long the actual writing process took as the album is more or less a "best of TRAPPED", but generally it takes us a month to write a song. The album recording took us about 3-4 months including mixing and mastering. We started out the recordings by making very crude keyboard, guitar and vocal tracks for Jaime to use when laying down the drum tracks. After the drums for the entire album was recorded (it took about 4 days) we started recording the rest at Trapped Studios, Malmö.

The set up was pretty simple; we recorded all the tracks for a song at a time so that it was completely finished. We then handed over the tracks to RoastingHouse for mixing while we recorded the next song. This allowed us to make adjustments to the songs during production because we had a mixed and finished song two weeks later to listen to. Otherwise we would have to wait until the album was finished only to notice that we had "dropped the ball" somewhere and then go back and make adjustments (which is something we weren't too keen on doing).


The artwork for "Into The Enchanted Chamber" is excellent, and was one of the reasons why I first noticed the album. Mattias Norén did a truly great job. How much input did the band have in its creation?

We had plenty of input in the artwork but it was more directed to details than the overall concept. Mattias made the cover based only on the title "Into The Enchanted Chamber" and our two criteria's; a full moon and a forest. And given only those directives he really made a wonderful job of it. We are more than pleased!


Have you done much touring in support of the debut? If so, where and with whom have played with?

Nope! We haven't done any touring yet.


Do you have any plans to play at any of the summer festivals? If so, which ones?

This summer will be spent recording for the new album so we will most likely not have the time to do this. Even though we really would like to we have to make the album first priority.


I know that you are currently demoing new material for the follow-up album. How is that coming along?

Yes that's very true! I would say that we have 75% of the demo material for the next album ready so we are currently in overdrive to get things wrapped up.


How does the new material compare to the debut?

It's pretty much the same deal and that's what the fans have asked us for. The bulk of the songs are fast and melodic while some are a bit darker with touches of eastern European Folk music. Lyrically I have tried to broaden our horizons a bit with themes we haven't done before. One song is based on Egyptian mythology and another is about time-traveling. There will of course be some horror themed songs as this basically is "our thing".


What is the writing process like when composing a TIMELESS MIRACLE song?

Usually it's either me or Fredrik who comes up with the base for a song, the base being at least a verse, bridge and chorus. Then we sit down together and arrange it and add the rest of the music we want to the song like sticks, intro etc (with a computer of course). After this is finished I take a very basic demo version of the song home with me and write the lyrics for it.


Do you have any timeframe of when TIMELESS MIRACLE will start recording the new album or when we might hear some new material?

Not yet, but we should (if everything goes our way) start the recordings this summer or autumn. It all depends on when we finish the demo and the availability in the studio. We will post news of this at our webpage as soon as we know.


With such great critical response to "Into The Enchanted Chamber", how do you go about trying to top it with the next album?

This has been a very difficult issue for us actually, because when we started writing for the album we had a tendency to over analyze the music and in the end we got nothing done. So our remedy for this was not to think about it so much, and just do what we felt like doing. This was the way we wrote the songs for the first album and we figured that it just might work again.


Do you have any fears of the dreaded sophomore slump?

Yes, I would be lying if I said no. But this is something that happens to everybody I would guess.


What do you think of the current Metal scene in general? What bands do you like? Dislike?

The best thing today with the Metal scene in my opinion is that there is something for everybody. There are a lot of bands and genres to keep things interesting but also some really crappy mixes like Rap-Metal. The Nu-Metal scene stinks worse than a blown up porta potty in the gazing mid day sun! But that's only my opinion.


If I were to look in your CD player/turntable/tape player right now, what would you be listening to?



What are the band's interests/hobbies outside of playing Metal?

All of us have regular jobs so there isn't really any time left for hobbies. So when we have some time over for ourselves it's usually spent relaxing, watching movies or listening to music etc.


Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Yes, I would like to thank all our fans and people who have supported us in the past years and to all of the people who haven't heard us; check out our album, you might just like it!!!


Thank you so much again for taking the time to answer my questions!

My pleasure! Thank you for the support!



2002: In The Year Of Our Lord (CD, Demo)

2003: The Enchanted Chamber (CD, Demo)

2004: The Voyage (CD, Demo)


2005: Into The Enchanted Chamber (CD, Massacre Records)

Eric Vieth

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