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Usurper - Necronemesis (8/10) - USA - 2002

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Necropolis Records
Playing time: ??:??
Band homepage: Usurper


  1. The Incubus Breed
  2. Slaughterstorm
  3. In Remembrance
  4. Mecronemesis
  5. 1666 Ad
  6. Warriors Of Iron And Rust
  7. Deathwish
  8. Full Metal Maelstrom
  9. Funeral Waters
  10. Into The Oblong Box
Usurper - Necronemesis
The latest album of the Chicago-Metalheads USURPER already is two years old! But I think it is just too good to be overlooked.

Who still loves the old CELTIC FROST and is interested in a more modern version of the Swiss godz, should check out USURPER. Especially this album is the best of the Americans so far. They sound so greatly old-fashioned, but utilise the sound of the here and now. So it's going full strength with a fat production. Also the legendary "Uuuhs" and "Heys" of Tom Warrior may not be left out.

Here and there USURPER also add some blasts, which put me off at the beginning, but in the meantime I think them quite ok. But I could have done without! But for that we get formidable songs like the mighty opener "The Incubus Breed" or the divine "Warriors Of Iron And Rust". Not that the rest would be trash, but I just like these best! Absolute tip is the title-track, where none other than KING DIAMOND himself appears as a guest-vocalist. Cult!

Only flaw is the faked playing time. What good does it the band, if 15 minutes more appear on the playing time?

Apart from that thumbs up for "Necronemesis", an album that you should have!

Ralf Henn

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