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Engorged - s/t (6,5/10) - USA - 2002

Genre: Thrash Metal / Death Metal
Label: Death Vomit
Playing time: 58:44
Band homepage: Engorged


  1. March Of The Engorged
  2. The Dreadnaught
  3. It Came From Beyond
  4. Cobra Rage
  5. Eaten Alive!
  6. Death Metal Attack 3
  7. White Line Nightmare
  8. Slithis
  9. Shockwaves
  10. Beer Guts
  11. Night Of The Living Dead
  12. Dawn Of The Dead
  13. Zombie
  14. Day Of The Dead
Engorged - s/t
Gore Death Metal has never been my cup of tea, but it deserves at least one shot, right? Also, it was a promo, so what the heck! The track opens with a clip from a most awesome movie that was "They Live". "March Of The Engorged" is also sort of an homage to the legendary S.O.D. with it's take on "March Of The S.O.D."

The band is basically an old school Thrash/Death Metal-band with dashes of Hardcore thrown in. It will take you back to early to mid 80's when bands like POSSESSED and BLOOD FEAST were making waves in the underground-scene. Dave's vocal delivery is pretty harsh and intense from screeching to low guttural attacks on the senses. Tight and fast as hell is how the band plays and won't give you a moment to recoup.

"The Dreadnaught" is definitely delivered in the 80's vein with it's gritty guitars and fast fingerwork and also has some melody if you can believe that. But don't be fooled, this does not water down their sound by any means. "It Came From Beyond" comes in with more of the CANNIBAL CORPSE-feel with the low growls and rapid fire musicianship that is handled from all four corners of hell. Their songs are dedicated to the low budget b-rated horror movies that are infamous for its outrageous gore. They deliver a nice Eulogy of sorts to the trilogy of the George Romero zombie classic: "Night Of The Living Dead".

The last of these tracks are blasted into hyper speed and leave your head rattling long after the disc is finished. So, are you looking for your favourite gore movie condensed into 2 or 3 minute songs attached with clips from the movie as well with the gore lyrics intact? Then this my friend will be right up or should I say down your alley.

Joe Florez

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