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Battle Bratt - Seeds Of The Universe (2/10) - USA - 2006

Genre: Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 45:23
Band homepage: Battle Bratt


  1. “Om“
  2. Immeasurable Gain
  3. Pressure Syndrome
  4. In Too Deep
  5. Inside
  6. Break Free
  7. All That Remains
  8. Relieve Yourself
  9. Keep On Living
Battle Bratt - Seeds Of The Universe

Hawk’s review of BATTLE BRATT’s self-titled debut basically tells you all about the past of the New Yorkers, with typical US Melodic Metal of that time, with the high vocals and all that belonged in it back then. Now they are back, after 17 years, in the original line-up, trying to prove to the world that BATTLE BRATT still have what it takes.


Stylistically they have made a pretty thorough turn, they are a lot more modern, only rarely we get to hear elements from their past, instead they have discovered the world of keyboards, electronics and sequencing and put the guitars more into the background. Now that does not necessarily have to spell doom, even though people who know the early works of the band will connect anything with this band name than that, but let’s give the guys a fair chance.


Well, now I almost regret giving them this chance, because what this album has to offer is at times terrifying and weak. Jim Kane’s vocals often seem lackluster and lifeless, only rarely he actually really sings to show that he still can do it. The keyboards more often than not create a carpet instead of accentuating, but the element that is the most frightening is the drum sequencing, because it seems misplaced and weakly programmed and in the few passages where the drums actually sound like drums, it makes a big difference right away.


“Om“ seems blood and lifeless, “Pressure Syndrome“ is absolutely forgettable, “In Too Deep” sounds a bit more like a 2006 version of the old sound, “Inside” is the absolute low blow of the album, in the background of the chorus they introduce a manic and scary sounding “yayaya, yayayayaya“ to send you running and “Keep On Living” is a mediocre try to bring some older influenced back into their sound.


I honestly have no idea, who BATTLE BRATT want to appeal to with “Seeds Of The Universe“, fans and labels alike, for me this is an absolute non-starter. (Online August 1, 2006)

Alexander Melzer

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