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Hordak - Sound of the seasons (Autumn/Winter) - Online Aug 2006

Hi guys, Alex from "The Metal Observer" here, how are things in the HORDAK camp?

Hi Alex, things are right here, thanks.


“Last Of The European Wolves” is your second full album and presents you stronger than ever. Could you maybe give us a short wrap-up of who HORDAK are and how you got to this point, as I guess most of our readers have never even heard your name…

HORDAK was formed by Autumn and Winter in the year 2002 with the aim of creating epic and pagan sounds, leaving behind some of the typical underground ideas. We searched a pure sound, worth to be heard. Concerning our music and concerning our lyrics we wanted to honor to our ancestors, the Celtiberians, the first pagan folk here in the Iberian peninsula. Since then, we have recorded one demo, one mini CD and one new full-length album entitled “The Last European Wolves”, our best work so far.


The name of HORDAK, does it have any connection with the old “Masters Of The Universe” villain or does it have a different meaning for you?

Yes, we took the name from the evil “Masters Of The Universe” villain, anyway, for us it has another meaning. We named this way to the music we play because it links directly our childhood and our present ideals.


So how would you describe your sound to someone, who has no idea about HORDAK yet?

Our music is a mixture between Metal melodies, with folk elements released in an extreme way.


Do you set yourselves any stylistic borders you don't want to cross or do you just let it flow and see what comes from it?

We think that our goals are so well-known for us, that we don’t need to set ourselves any stylistic borders. Therefore we can leave our style progress without fearing our essence to lose.


You call yourselves “Celtiberian Pagan Metal”, could you please explain to me where you took especially the first word from?

We come from the north of Spain both, where the first Iberians who were born from the same Indo-Europeans roots than Vikings, Gaelic, or Germans for example, met the Celtic tribes who emigrated to the North and the middle of the Iberian Peninsula and so, from this union, the Celtiberians were born. So, Celtiberian Pagan Metal, is in Spain the same that Viking Metal in Scandinavia, Gaelic or Celtic Metal in France, Slavonic Metal in the Slavs countries or Anglo Saxon Metal in England.


Overall there seems to be something like a “Celtic revival” all over the place, especially in the Black Metal related sounds, with bands such as HEOL TELWEN, AES DANA or BELENOS also taking up influences from the old Celts, where is your personal connection to this people?

I only know AES DANA from the bands you mentioned and I think they play very good music. Yes it is true that nowadays, there is a Celtic revival and it can be fine in some way but there is a false and commercial fashion in everything that whose only goal is the money, what is harmful for the true spirit.


Compared to “War Has Just Begun” you have further toned down the Black Metal influences, have you ever thought of adding clean vocals, too, to further expand your sound?

We have a better sound quality in the new album because we spent more time and also more money on the recording, so the result is that everything is clearer than “War Has Just Begun” but we think that there are some riffs with more BM influences in this album, like for example, the songs “The Night And The Fire”, “Witchblood” and “Ravenkind”.

We added clean vocals when we did “…When Gjallarhorn Will Sound…” for the FALKENBACH’s tribute and we liked the results. At this moment we are doing some experiments with clean vocals for the third album, but, who knows? We got to keep on working and then, we shall see.


Where do you personally see the biggest points of evolution between the EP and this album?

“The Last European Wolves” is the evolution itself, concerning composition, production, sound and also the spirit of working.


Lyrically you seem to deal with a lot of myths from the past and also the European history, could you elaborate a little more about the lyrics on the album?

The lyrics from “The Last European Wolves”, comes from the same concepts but with different shapes. As you told, we deal with myths and European history, but there is also a great part dedicated to the wilderness, and respect to the Mother Nature. We also did the lyric “Hugin & Munin” that talk about the Oden’s ravens and the Viking culture, but we did it because the song was composed to the project FOLKEARTH, what we belong to, and they wanted a lyric about Viking Mythology.


Something also worth mentioning is the artwork, which once more has been done by Kris Verwimp, which information did he get from you to create his masterpieces and why did you choose him in first place?

We chose him when we were gonna start the recording of “War Has Just Begun”. We knew some of his works like THYRFING, MARDUK or OLD MAN’S CHILD covers and we thought that he was perfect for what we had in mind. Then we contact him, sent some stuff and we told him to try painting what music suggested him. We have always worked with him this way and it has always worked out.


Do you think that giving someone a package like this might make them actually rather buy the CD than simply download it?

Of course we think that we have a good enough stuff to do not disappoint anybody who be searching for good Pagan Metal, haha.


With the EP and this album, did you create any label interest yet? And what would a label have to be able to offer you for you to consider it for HORDAK?

Yes we have some labels interested in our work, but we have to decide the right one. What we are looking from a label would be serious offers to support us in recordings and provide us a good distribution all around the world.


What is your personal favourite and least favourite song of HORDAK and why?

Autumn: Well, I guess that I got to choose one, so my favorite’s HORDAK song is “The Last European Wolves” because in my opinion gathers the whole HORDAK’s essence. My least favorite song is “Beers, Axes And Oak”, but only because the sound of this song in the album ruined completely.

Winter: My favorite’s song is “Hugin & Munin”, perhaps it is the best song we have recorded and produced so far, even though I think that in the plane of composition, much more of our song are also at this same level. My least favorite song is one of our first demo, called “Alpha Draconis”, because I think that is a little bored and was recorded too fast because of the lack of resources.


Could you give us a few words on the personality of every band member?

Winter: Autumn is a good musician, he works a lot but he is too stubborn, hahaha.

Autumn: He is a really lazy guy hahaha, anyway I think his way of composing and focus the music is brilliant.


You use pseudonyms, could you please let us know, why you do so and where you took them from and what they mean to you?

We use pseudonyms like if they were names of war and for that we chose these seasons as a reference of the wilderness, the course of life and time and the eternal cycles that every year come back to take and give life once again.


What are your goals for HORDAK and how have they changed since you started the band?

We have progressed very much, anyway there is still too many things and too many work to do as a band. Since we started, many things have changed, we have recorded two albums, recently we have started to play gigs and we have obtained everything that thanks to our work. Nowadays, our goal is our music to be enjoyed and reach as far as possible.


What do you do when you are not making music? Last time I checked bills didn't get paid by enthusiasm and creativity, they still want money…

When we are not making music we can do many other things, like for example going to the forest, camping, drinking, reading, promote our music and get inspired. We are not into this by the money, so we enjoy every single minute of the time spent in HORDAK.


If your music was an emotion, which one would it be?

Pride...but there are more feelings in our music obviously.


How do you define success? Only in terms of sales or is there a different definition of success for you as a band?

For us success is equal to recognition in our music. For example, it is an honor for us, when somebody like Kris Verwimp tells that he likes our music that’s success.


If you could not compose and/or play music, what would you do?

Autumn: I don’t know...I would get bored I guess.

Winter: If could not compose, I would get drunk everyday.

Autumn: But you already do it....

Winter: But I can do both things without any kind of problems....


What do you love to hate in today's music industry?

We think that there are some bands that are having a lot of success in today’s music industry and their work is unworthy of that. That really sucks.


Do you think that there still is a real underground, as there had been many years back?

Yes, why not, perhaps not in the way or in the vein of many years’ back but there are still bands working in the same underground way.


What made you start to play music and form a band in first place?



Which album in musical history would you wish was yours and why?

Autumn: IMMORTAL’s “Pure Holocaust” or “Battles In The North”, because they are much more than simple albums!!

Winter: SUMMONING – “Let The Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame”. I think that are the best compositions I’ve heard for a long time.


How important do you think is the internet nowadays to promote an up and coming band?

Nowadays the internet is something basic to promote your music all around the world and it is helping a lot of well-talented bands to be also well-known.


If time travel was possible, which historical period would you like to visit and why? What would you miss the most from our time?

Autumn: The Celt-Iberian Spain of course and the Spanish reconquista in the year 722 from the hands of King’s Pelayo at Covadonga’s battle.

Winter: I undoubtedly would like to return to the point of history when the Fire was discovered.


Just as a side note - what do you think of "The Metal Observer"?

We think that you are a great “Metal Observers” haha, no jokes, and good work.


My traditional last question is: What is your favourite question about HORDAK that you have never been asked, but would finally want to answer?

“Do you have some new stuff composed?” Oh, talking about it, yes, and absolutely awesome new stuff! Hehe...We have songs stronger than ever.

Thanks for you support and the interesting interview. We would like to invite everybody to enter our website: Thanks and Cheers! 


2003: Demo

2005: War Has Just Begun (Demo)

2006: The Last European Wolves (CD, Self-Production)

Alexander Melzer

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