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Rotten Sound - Murderworks (8/10) - Finland - 2002

Genre: Grindcore / Death Metal
Label: Death Vomit
Playing time: 28:33
Band homepage: Rotten Sound


  1. Targets
  2. Void
  3. Revenge
  4. Lies
  5. Doom
  6. IQ
  7. Insects
  8. Seeds
  9. Suffer
  10. Obey
  11. Edge
  12. Lobotomy
  13. Insane
  14. Agony
  15. Targets (Video)
  16. Seeds (Video)
  17. Strongman (Video)
Rotten Sound - Murderworks
Deathvomit is a label that's quite well known for their extreme Grindcore releases, and when they've signed ROTTEN SOUND right after they left Repulse, they have had a great idea! Yeah, because ROTTEN SOUND is definitely not a gay band! Finnish band founded around members of …AND OCEANS and so on, ROTTEN SOUND is an extremely precise band (unlike 99% of the Grindcore bands), and whose technical level is especially impressive, especially their drummer.

So with "Murderworks", it's full speed ahead for half an hour, with drums and all that at maximum violence, a singers that screams like hell, half way between Death Metal and Hardcore. Or maybe he simply got a big cold, who knows? To make it short, ROTTEN SOUND is some kind of Grindcore version of IMPALED NAZARENE. It kicks ass, will stick you to your walls, and whether you love it and break your neck headbanging on it, whether you hate it and get back to your favourite band (certainly EDGUY hehe).

And as in addition to the fourteen tracks, you also have three video tracks, don't lose the opportunity to listen to that band! (Online October 31, 2002)

Thomas Bonnicel

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