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Manilla Road - Open The Gates (10/10) - USA - 2002

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Dragonheart Records
Playing time: 60:40
Band homepage: Manilla Road


  1. Metalstorm
  2. Open The Gates
  3. Astronomica
  4. Weavers Of The Web
  5. The Ninth Wave
  6. Heavy Metal To The World
  7. The Fires Of Mars
  8. Road Of Kings
  9. Hour Of The Dragon
  10. Witches Brew
  11. Open The Gates (live)
  12. Witches Brew (live)
Manilla Road - Open The Gates
Dark, scary, a short speech, pumping bass, drum-fills, dark riffs, an imploring voice, this is how the godz of Epic Metal start their masterpiece "Open The Gates".

You simply must listen to the disc to say afterwards "I've kissed the sun and didn't notice"! Every single song is a masterpiece itself. 90% of all heavy rockers would give a lot just to make something that's just about that great.

For a hymn like "The Ninth Wave" a band like SEASONS OF THE WOLF would kiss the dust. (But if they carry on like they did so far they will soon be welcomed in the rows of MANILLA ROAD...). Or let's talk about "Heavy Metal To The World", an up-tempo smasher with a super catchy chorus that should be considered a highlight on every SLOUGH FEG-album. Songs like the immortal "Road Of Kings" or the great "Witches Brew" are just as magnificent. And about the class of "Hour Of The Dragon" I could chat for hours.


Actually EVERY album should be in your collection but at least this one. It is the best one! Or so it seems to me, although I know that other fans might prefer other CDs. No matter if "Mystification" or "The Courts Of Chaos", "The Deluge" or "Atlantis Rising", they're all timeless monuments of Hard Rock! Epic, dramatic, I need it!

Falk Kollmannsperger

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