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Unearth - Our Days Of Eulogy (8/10) - USA - 2005

Genre: Metalcore
Label: Eulogy Recordings
Playing time: 51:58
Band homepage: Unearth


  1. My Heart Bleeds No Longer (Live)
  2. Fuel The Fire (Live)
  3. Internal War (Live)
  4. Only The People (Live)
  5. One Step Away (Live)
  6. Endless
  7. Internal War
  8. The Charm
  9. My Desire
  10. Shattered By The Sun
  11. Call To Judgement
  12. Convictions
  13. Lefty
Unearth - Our Days Of Eulogy

“Our Days Of Eulogy” isn’t a must-have for everyone. It’s not the best introduction to UNEARTH, either...that right belongs to 2004’s “The Oncoming Storm.” But it is a fun collection of rarities that any fan of the Metalcore kings should enjoy. This release contains five live tracks, which are all pre-“Oncoming Storm” songs, the four-song “Endless EP,” and the band’s first recording, their “Above The Fall Of Man EP.”


The live songs are a little shaky on the recording quality, but the songs and the band are as brutal and fierce as always. Trevor Phipps' work as a frontman, in terms of legitimate intensity and crowd interaction, should be the standard for vocalists in this subgenre of Metal.


The “Endless EP” portion of the album features the title song in an earlier form than the version heard on “The Oncoming Storm.” It is rawer, the vocals take a lower presence in the mix, but the song remains the same…crushing. The rest of the EP is great. “The Charm” is a hint at the sound UNEARTH would continue with on “The Oncoming Storm.” The song centers on an upbeat, Swedish-sounding riff and is interspersed with UNEARTH’s trademark breakdowns.


The final four songs make up the group’s first EP, recorded in 1999. While the production is not the most professional sounding and Trevor was still developing his vocal style, the songs are fun to hear, if only for the sake of hearing what UNEARTH began as and to imagine them as just another small band from Massachusetts trying to make their break.


Recommended tracks are “One Step Away,” “Only The People,” “The Charm,” and “Call To Judgement.” (Online September 16, 2006)

Zach Dionne

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