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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - TRENDKILL - No Longer Buried

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Trendkill - No Longer Buried (6/10) - Sweden - 2005

Genre: Hardcore
Label: Regain Records
Playing time: 36:51
Band homepage: -


  1. Judge Me Now
  2. Dedication >mp3
  3. Timeless Quality
  4. Break The Silence
  5. One Step Closer
  6. Walking Dead >mp3
  7. Headshot
  8. From The Beginning
  9. Nothing For Granted
Trendkill - No Longer Buried

When I saw that TRENDKILL were from Sweden I assumed that I'd had found another Gothenburg clone. The songtitles just seemed to suggest melodic Death Metal to me (I don't know why!), but I was pleasantly surprised when the first song, „Judge Me Now“, kicked in with heavy breakdowns and chugging riffs without blatant melodic guitar lines. Sweden isn't exactly known for its Hardcore scene, but the first song showed promise.


Upon researching the band's history I was surprised to see Conny Petterson, better known for his role in rising technical Death Metal stars ANATA, behind the drum stool. His drumming here isn't as breathtaking as his performance on ANATA's recent albums, but the drumming is very fitting to the music. Petterson knows when to use blasts and he uses them well. Whilst the majority of the other instruments sink into a mire of average-ness, the drumming stands-out as one the highpoints.


Immediately you can draw comparisons with THE HAUNTED. The vocals especially sound like Peter Dolving and the riffs wouldn't seem out of place on THE HAUNTED's „rEVOLVEr“ album. Vocalist Adrian Westlin doesn't really do much more than the trademark Hardcore shouting. He could of mixed things up with a few clean vocal lines or some high pitched screams to keep things interesting, but the vocals are boring and have been done again and again over the past 10 years by Hardcore bands. Lyrically the band don't seem that strong either. The few lines I could make out weren't that impressive, for example on „Timeless Quality“, Westlin shouts "Tear down everything in front of us, yeah, yeah". It just seems a little too clichèd as much of hardcore is now days.


The guitars have a nice crunch to them and a lot credit must go out to the producers Christian Silver and Johan Örnborg, but you can have the best guitar sound in the world but there has to be good, mosh-friendly riffs to back it up. Thankfully, there are some really good riffs on offer here, first song „Judge Me Now“ is packed full of them and is sure to have fans creating mosh pits all over Europe and America. Other highlights include „Break The Silence“ and „Walking Dead“, which both have a catchy, but heavy riffs that make you want to bang your head until your neck snaps. Unfortunately the rest of the album seems to sink into a swamp of mediocrity. Songs like „One Step Closer“ just don't seem to make me want to go and destroy things like hardcore should. A lot of songs pass you by without you realising and before you know it the albums over.


TRENDKILL have made an album here that shows a lot of potential. If they can improve vocally and write a few more songs which have the quality of a song like „Judge Me Know“, TRENDKILL may become the next Hardcore band to break the mainstream like HATEBREED have. As it stands, „No Longer Buried“ is one of those albums that isn't anything special and will pass through most people's ears unnoticed and its a shame because there are some killer moments here that are dragged down by too many average songs. (Online September 19, 2006)

Michael Slaughter

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