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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - MERCENARY - The Hours That Remain

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Mercenary - The Hours That Remain (9,5/10) - Denmark - 2006

Genre: Modern Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 62:13
Band homepage: Mercenary


  1. Redefine Me  
  2. Year Of The Plague  
  3. My World Is Ending  
  4. This Eternal Instant  
  5. Lost Reality  
  6. Soul Decision >mp3
  7. Simplicity Demand  
  8. Obscure Indiscretion  
  9. My Secret Window  
  10. The Hours That Remain  
Mercenary - The Hours That Remain

“11 Dreams” was hyped up just right when it came out two years ago. Some like myself will say that it was great while others had problems with it. Well, now they are back with another slab of music that will tear your heads clean off. “The Hours That Remain” retains the same elements that made their previous disc so cherished and then some. “Redefine Me” offers that nice blend of melodic guitar work that is quick and catchy along with precise drumming that never misses a beat. Mikkel’s vocals are very clean in the beginning which sound dramatic before hitting the chorus with a unique blend of gritty high pitch screaming. Then you have the keyboard workings that present this vibe that reminds you of being in church. It more or less comes alive during the chorus as well as everything else. It’s a great way to build up what’s to come.


The mean streak factor really kicks in on “Year Of The Plague.” You can hear that something evil is about to happen with the intro guitars. They are quicker and about to rip you a new asshole. The screaming and thrashier drumming ensues soon after, but once again the vocals get cleaner and the music slows up during the chorus and the keyboards are utilized more becoming more active rather than just adding atmosphere to the mix. This is more epic songwriting from a skilled band that knows no limits. “My World Is Ending” sees the guys slowing down just a tad offering a more mid paced song that will not only hypnotize you, but leave you breathless in a sense because the work is so damn intriguing. The keys on “This Eternal Instant” are very reminiscent of STRATOVARIUS which is cool, but don’t worry, the guys keep their integrity and forge ahead. Wow!


“Lost Reality” has got a ballad feel, but blew me away really because the vocals are passionate and sincere. But don’t worry kids, the hard and heavy tunes continue to rage on after that one. Once again, this band stuns the Metal community with their brand of music that now only continues to compel you, but make sure your jaw is still left on the floor after it’s over. I think that there are new and better dynamics which weren’t heard the last time around. There is something in here for everyone. The only I would change are the lengthy songs. Instead of eight minute plus songs, try for the four and five minute mark. I think they would do even more damage that way. Love it! (Online September 21, 2006)

Joe Florez

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