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Pantheďst - Amartia (10/10) - Great Britain - 2005

Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Firedoom Records
Playing time: 76:30
Band homepage: -


  1. Apologeia
  2. Gluttony
  3. Envy >mp3
  4. Lust
  5. First Prayer
  6. Pride
  7. Greed
  8. Sloth
  9. Wrath
  10. Metanoia
Pantheďst - Amartia

A pantheist is who sees in everything the manifestation of God. Now, if I had to use one word to describe this band, this would be “religious”. And not religious in the sense of praising the lord, or based on the lyrical concept that concentrates on the deadly sins, but in the fact that every song in “Amartia” encloses an overwhelming ask for transcendence. By saying this I can sound a bit pretentious, but this album goes certainly beyond the borders music and has a really beautiful, yet painful concept behind.


The atmosphere here is blood chilling. The dreadfully slow rhythm is mixed with calm keyboards, the soul-ripping clean vocals of Kostas Panagiotou deliver a highly melancholic touch and yet the deepest anger is unleashed in the harsh screams. Picture something between the quiet passion of SKEPTICISM and the mysticism of ORPHANED LAND and you’ll have a tiny image of what PANTHEIST built here, their ultimate album and among the most original Doom Metal releases I had ever listened to.


The structure of “Amartia” is extremely rich. Overall it is very calm, like a pleasant dreamful stream. Many of the vocals limit to underground whispers and spoken parts, but generally it is thrilling mournful singing what dominates. I still would say this is far less “Funeral” than their debut album “O Solitude”, because the lyrics and music sound like a search for hope, a necessity of it and that is represented by moments of a warm light in darkness; that is a difference to the extreme negativity that dominates Funeral Doom. On the other hand, every instrument plays a unique role, building the whole ambient out of a lot of different simple gearings.


Let me tell you that I needed a whole summer vacation to realize how extraordinary this album is. Listening to it in those endless fading dusks, keeping all my thoughts and feelings for myself and what surrounds me and having as company this masterpiece, had been probably THE Doom Metal experience of my life. A totally mystic journey through moments of pain, anger and sorrow but also light. Beautiful melodies mixed with poetic lyrics will be your guide to this esoteric dream. (Online September 20, 2006)

Daniel Barros

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