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Dio - Holy Diver Live (-/10) - USA - 2006

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Eagle Rock
Playing time: 60:46/53:08
Band homepage: Dio


CD 1

  1. Stand Up And Shout
  2. Holy Diver
  3. Gypsy / Drum Solo
  4. Caught In The Middle
  5. Don’t Talk To Strangers
  6. Straight Through The Heart
  7. Invisible
  8. Rainbow In The Dark
  9. Shame On The Night / Guitar Solo

CD 2

  1. Tarot Woman
  2. Sign Of The Southern Cross
  3. One Night In The City
  4. Gates Of Babylon
  5. Heaven & Hell
  6. Man On The Silver Mountain
  7. Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll
  8. We Rock
Dio - Holy Diver Live

Heavy Metal has its legends and two of them belong together like smoke and fire: Ronnie James Dio himself and the legendary “Holy Diver“ album. This double CD is the live document of a rare occasion, the complete “Holy Diver“ album from beginning to end. Recorded in London’s Astoria Theatre the whole album has been divided into two parts, on the first CD “Holy Diver“ and on the second one a sort of best of of Dio’s career.


It all happened back in 1995, why it only sees the light of day now, I have no idea, but the whole band, first and foremost the then 53-year-old Dio, are in absolute top form and during the performance of “Holy Diver” Dio stays “in character” and does not address the fans even once, so not to disturb the atmosphere of this classic. I don’t really think that I have to say much about the songs, Milan’s review is best for this, just so much: If you love classic Heavy Metal and do not know these songs or even better have this CD, then you have no excuse!


The second CD contains classics from Dio’s time with RAINBOW and BLACK SABBATH and two other DIO songs, the quality of these eight tracks also stands out of question! And her Dio also interacts with the fans, showing that despite his success he always stayed very down to earth, never losing contact with the fans.


As said, if you are a DIO fan, then you most probably already have this CD, if you like the classic sound, then there is no way around this either and if you don’t like this sound, why the heck are you reading this review to begin with??? (Online August 5, 2005)

Alexander Melzer

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