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Intronaut - Void (7/10) - USA - 2006

Genre: Metalcore
Label: Goodfellow Records
Playing time: 43:17
Band homepage: Intronaut


  1. A Monolithic Vulgarity
  2. Gleamer >mp3
  3. Fault Lines
  4. Nostalgic Echo
  5. Teledildonics
  6. Iceblocks
  7. Rise To Midden
Intronaut - Void

I just gave this record the third spin in one sitting. I've been doing that every couple of days for a short while now, trying to form some sort of opinion. See, I was really expecting to be blown away by this recording and it's just not happening. I'm sitting here waiting to be hooked in, to be grabbed, to be impressed and I'm getting none of those. What am I getting? A band that sounds basically like a bland version of old CAVE IN. I keep thinking "maybe on the next song, this album's really going to kick in" - but then before I know it, it's over and I'm left wondering "where was the kick?"


INTRONAUT are made up of Danny Walker (UPHILL BATTLE) on drums, Sascha Dunable (ANUBIS RISING) on guitar, Joe Lester on bass and Leon del Muerte (IMPALED, EXHUMED) on guitar and vocals. The band is poised as being one of the "next big things" in underground Metal, but I'm not exactly seeing why. The songs are long and flowing, alternating between the heavy and the heady, but that's nothing that we haven't heard done before - and better - by bands such as the aforementioned CAVE IN or, more appropriately, ISIS. In fact, INTRONAUT sound kind of like what would happen if Stephen Brodsky were to take over vocal duties for ISIS and the band would double their tempo. In other words, slightly cerebral but utterly un-unique Metalcore.


"Void" is not a bad album and there is definitely an audience for this. Fans of NEUROSIS, ISIS, PELICAN, TORCHE and the like would probably like this quite a bit. But for my tastes, the album just smacks to much of that "been there, done that" feeling. (Online August 5, 2006)

Wesley D. Cray

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