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Throne Of Stone - Where Is Your Saviour Now? (8/10) - Great Britain - 2006

Genre: Death Metal / Thrashcore
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 14:45
Band homepage: Throne Of Stone


  1. Burn Their Book Of Rules
  2. Acts Of Sheer Will
  3. Parched Earth Lament
  4. What Future?
  5. Revile
Throne Of Stone - Where Is Your Saviour Now?

Well, fuck my boots! This demo has more bounce than a Tigger convention. THRONE OF STONE lurch around this padded cell like some unfortunate suffering an epileptic fit whilst also having electrodes attached to his bollocks.


Citing influences from all your Extreme Metal greats but sounding like none of them in particular, thanks to the hint of electronic embellishment and in the case of “Parched Earth Lament,” an obvious Middle Eastern vibe. In fact “Parched...” sounds like “Pandemonium” era KILLING JOKE on steroids and that is no bad thing. They have attempted to find their own sound and I think, by and large, that they have succeeded, no accusations of slavish copying here.


THRONE OF STONE manage to mix darkness and light into all there compositions, the elements sparking against each other to provide one electric performance. The gruff vocalisation glowers over the more exuberant instrumentation trying to subdue it but the energy just spits back like cat meets terrier. The band manages all this whilst keeping it heavy akin to Ska-suited elephants moon-stomping. The rough edges are smoothed somewhat by the keyboards which are complimentary rather than intrusive. The melodies used insist that you join in and despite this being Extreme Metal it is highly accessible and what's more enjoyable, dare I say fun?


As these tracks barge by you you will be compelled to stamp your feet and bang your head. That does not mean that these songs are simple and brutish, brutal yes, but there is an air of sophistication to “Where Is Your Saviour Now?” that lifts it well above the ordinary, if you are one for betting, stick one in now before everyone else gets wind of this band. Being self produced, the production isn't the best you've ever heard but I think it suits the core sound well, THRONE OF STONE would lose some of their charm if the delivery was too slick.


My only complaint is the ambient closing track. I'm not fond of these at the best of times but sticking one on the end of a four song demo doesn't sit well with me. Gripes out the way, the four Metal tracks more than make up for any misgivings. The band exudes promise and if they don't succumb to the Great British disease then I predict a bright (and bouncy) future. All these tracks are available to listen to on their Myspace page and would be a perfect accompaniment to your next trampoline session. (Online September 22, 2006)

Niall MacCartney

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