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Narziss - Solang Das Herz Schlägt (8/10) - Germany - 2006

Genre: Metalcore
Label: Alveran Records
Playing time: 32:45
Band homepage: -


  1. Und Du Verblasst
  2. Morgen Nicht Geboren
  3. Verloren
  4. Laxamentum
  5. Meine Kleine Seele
  6. Erlösung
  7. Der Puppenspieler
  8. Der Puppenspieler Classic Fade
  9. Nur Leben
  10. Keine Grenzen
  11. Das Tier
Narziss - Solang Das Herz Schlägt

NARZISS are veterans in the German/European Metalcore sector and have been around since 1999. After the first song you already notice that “Solang Das Herz Schlägt” is not their first release, and although they had to handle numerous line-up changes in the past few years (the current line-up has been playing together since 2004), the five Germans did not resign. The new sign of life is brimming with power, ideas and variation and should not disappoint long-time fans in any way, on the contrary, for the overwhelming power takes hold of the listener from the beginning to the end, and thus some new followers should join the NARZISS camp as well.


A huge difference compared to the endless mass of musically similar bands are the German lyrics above all. Now you often understand very little of the lyrics with the gruff howling by Alexander Bartsch, but during the calmer passages as in “Der Puppenspieler” or “Der Puppenspieler Classic Fade” it becomes obvious that they are singing in German. A glance at the song titles/lyrics makes this clear anyway. With this peculiarity, they are part of a small minority, if you disregard all the RAMMSTEIN clones, those evil Black Metal trolls and Gothic Metal sissies, and that certainly is an interesting fact. Bruisers such as „Morgen Nicht Geboren“, „Meine Kleine Seele“ with ist wonderful chorus or the brutish blow „Nur Leben“ prove that they also did their musical homework. Add to this the powerful sound which endows the songs with an impact that literally pushes you against the wall at the appropriate volume level.


NARZISS don’t do things by halves on “Solang Das Herz Schlägt” but perform with lots of self-confidence and thoroughgoingness. Those who have really gotten into the Metalcore genre should not leave the Germans’ new effort on the shelf during their next shopping tour but grant this band a few minutes of their spare time. It’s worth it, and if you don’t buy the album right away, you should at least visit one of the upcoming NARZISS shows, as the album will be played there anyway. Superb record! (Online September 23, 2006)

Alexander Ehringer

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