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Wizards - The Kingdom (8/10) - Brazil - 2002

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Arise Records
Playing time: 49:55
Band homepage: -


  1. The Kingdom
  2. King Without A Crown
  3. Fallen Angels
  4. Riding The Twilight
  5. Daydreaming
  6. Willing To Be Free
  7. Call Of War
  8. Sinners And Saints
  9. Love And Recall
  10. Step Back
Wizards - The Kingdom
And again Happy Metal from Brazil - this was my first impression. And again this band is very much inspired by ANGRA and EDGUY. At least the first ones distinctly appear in the songs. And they also can compete quality-wise.

The mid paced opener "The Kingdom" has a chorus you never get out of your head again. The song which also contains some Prog-influences and effects that are also used by ANGRA somehow sounds very mature. Another plus is the singing by Christian Passos who can - like many Brazilian shouters - sing extremely high but doesn't do it too often!

And some other smashing hit is "Fallen Angels" that can also be called elegant Bombast Metal and reminds of (new) SAVATAGE. Well, even the classic speed tracks all have their catchy hooks or choruses and are played absolutely fine. They're not creative at all but fans of this category probably won't mind this.

You can also tell that this is the third album of WIZARDS! We already have something ripe here. Fans of ANGRA, EDGUY or GAMMA RAY can buy this one, the sound is just as good! (Online July 8, 2002)

Ralf Henn

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