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Nihilist - Call Down The Thunder (8,5/10) - USA - 2006

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 40:11
Band homepage: Nihilist


  1. Call Down The Thunder  
  2. Destroyer  
  3. American Plague  
  4. The Assault  
  5. Hungry For Blood  
  6. Devastator  
  7. Nihilist Kills  
  8. Freewheel Burning (Judas Priest Cover)
  9. Hessian Mercenary  
  10. Vengeance Is Mine
Nihilist - Call Down The Thunder

Yeah, that’s what I call Power Metal! The emphasis is on Power, but the much stressed term “Metal” is completely appropriate as well. NIHILIST are from San Diego and have nothing to do with the homonymous originators of Swedish Death Metal. Their music can be described as classic Metal with both Rock’n’Roll and Thrash influences.


10 amazing, aggressive yet groovy Metal scorchers thunder through the speakers here, so that you automatically get out your air guitar with enthusiasm! Not because NIHILIST do everything in a new fashion or are innovative. No, not at all. Their music just is unadulterated Metal which comes across as credible and lively. Their vocalist is a true squaller and somewhat reminds me of the vocalist of the deceased MYSTIK, who had a godly demo and two (forgotten) neat albums on Massacre Records. Given his dirty organ, this man could as well be singing in a hardcore-like band, but thank God he does so in a Heavy Metal band!


Each of the well-produced songs is a lesson in Metal and should appeal to any traditional Metal head anyway. Killer! (Online August 20, 2006)

Ralf Henn

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