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15 tablatures for Between The Buried And Me

Between The Buried And Me - s/t (9/10) - USA - 2002

Genre: Progressive Death Metal
Label: Lifeforce Records
Playing time: 47:31
Band homepage: Between The Buried And Me


  1. More Of Myself To Kill
  2. Arsonist
  3. Aspirations
  4. What Have We Become
  5. Fire For A Dry Mouth
  6. Naked By The Computer
  7. Use Of A Weapon
  8. Shevanel Cut A Flip
Between The Buried And Me - s/t
First of all, Crossover is here the really most suitable topic, you can find for this completely insane band. Crossover in its literal sense, because normally, this term is often afflicted with "Hip Hop meets Metal", but the Americans have nothing to do with that. The band rather ravages through all thinkable genres of the Metal sector, they recite grim Black Metal bands, use some Death Metal elements, handle Hardcore as well as Grindcore, don't stop before traditional Metal and furthermore, they also serve some more rocky passages. The unbelievable is, however, that the final result sounds like one mould and the songs are despite a short acclimatization phase never torn out of their pretty expendable concept.

Thereby the scenario changes umpteen times within one single song and what sounds actually comfortable in one moment, can immediately transform into an inferno of a sound. So it happens, that an acoustic part is suddenly crunched by devastated Grindcore shredding, wild screamings are followed by melodic vocals only to be instantly destroyed by bestial growling and heavy Death Metal riffs are right away replaced by wonderfully melodic guitars. It seems all a bit confusing but though, BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME have the knack of it and they got the ability to combine wonderfully the apparently most different styles.

The extensive experiences of the bandmembers seemed to be an advantage for them. The founding members Tommy Rogers, Paul Waggoner (UNDYING, PRAYER FOR CLEANSING) and Will Goodyear (THE VOIDS, PRAYER FOR CLEANSING) immediately founded a direction for their activities and short after that, the band was completed by the both ex-AZAZEL musicians Nick Fletcher and Jason King. Their self titled debut album convinces with the thoroughly presented brutality and the technical abilities of the five musicians. Moreover, "Between The Buried And Me" can be recommended unrestrainedly to every headbanger because there should be something for everyone and the transitions are always flowing and conclusive.

Categorizations can be forgotten right up from the start and solely a self try can show off the broad spectrum of BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME. It's not done with some simple phrases, these 50 minutes have too much to offer and one shouldn't be misdirected by the strange cover. (Online December 21, 2003)

Alexander Ehringer

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