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Holymarsh - Infliction Ov The Morbid Intention (8,5/10) - South Korea - 2003

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Jusin Productions
Playing time: 50:05
Band homepage: -


  1. Intro
  2. Grief Of Soulblind
  3. Kill The Horror
  4. No More Masquerades
  5. From The Course Of The Nighttime (Nyctophobia)
  6. (Great Pain..) The Intense Ecstasy
  7. Cocytus (Instrumental)
  8. Hidden Truth
  9. Through The Inferno
  10. Murder In Your Sight
  11. Dissolved Memory (Instrumental)
Holymarsh - Infliction Ov The Morbid Intention

My quest for Metal worldwide, especially in exotic countries, has yet again been successful, thanks to Jin Xu from Amherst College, who called my attention to the South Koreans from HOLYMARSH and was kind enough to let me have their unfortunately last album “Infliction Ov The Morbid Intention“. Because of personal problems the band split up after having released this CD, it’s a pity really, because even if probably almost nobody has heard of HOLYMARSH, they are really worth to be grubbed for.


Musically they are firmly rooted in the Swedish Gothenburg tradition, because what the guys have to offer is melodic Death Metal a la carte, with powerful rhythms, playful melodic guitars and a robust voice, actually nothing original, but the way it is performed is important here and makes me take the side of HOLYMARSH. The guys deliver cool, tight riffing, just the same goes for the rhythm section, rhythmical variety, grandiose melodies and even an acoustic instrumental, so not only the typical formula.


The intro is already a full-grown instrumental, with edged riffs and mid-paced double-bass, strong start and the actual opener “Grief Of Soulblind” convinces with robust double-bass, powerful riffing and strong melodies, whereas “No More Masquerades” varies the tempo from a dragging tempo to double-bass and keeps the tension upright with cool melodies, very well done!! A real surprise is provided on the track “From The Course Of The Nighttime (Nyctophobia)” where they not only have the usual strong melodies and tight guitars and drums, no, they also have an acoustic break, which fits perfectly and the instrumental “Cocytus” is even completely acoustic, done with feeling, very good!!


Another thing that has to be mentioned is the exquisitely powerful production, which provides the songs with the fitting frame and oomph and tops the album off. As already mentioned it is a pity because of the class and the energy of the songs that the band has split up, because they would really have had the potential to kick the ass of their genre colleagues. Unfortunately “Infliction Ov The Morbid Intention“ is not easy to be found, but if you really like melodic Death Metal, you should really try it, you won’t be regretting it! (Online August 11, 2006)

Alexander Melzer

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