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Intaglio - s/t (7/10) - Russia - 2005

Genre: Doom Metal / Ambient
Label: Solitude Productions
Playing time: 46:56
Band homepage: -


  1. Nachalo
  2. Tyomno-Vishnevyie Den’ >mp3
  3. Odinochestvo >mp3
  4. Veter Oseni
Intaglio - s/t

Once again, the Romanization of the track titles are my own, so the only system is mine. Though I have to say, I am confused. It seems that the band’s name (and the album’s) is INTAGLIO in Roman characters, INTALIYA in Cyrillic. I honestly have no idea why.


Apparently, INTAGLIO is the first Russian Funeral Doom band to ever receive an official release through a label. At least that’s what I hear around the web, so take it with a grain of salt. It’s a two man band, comprised of Maksim Mazin (vocals) and Evgeny Semenov (guitar, bass, keyboards, programming, also of S.C.A.L.P.) and originally formed in 2004. This self-titled debut was released in October of 2005.


This is slow. Really, really slow. Okay, maybe not quite KHANATE or “MELVINS screwing with us” slow, but it really makes all those mainstream critics who obsess over CANDLEMASS’s speed seem like intolerant Nancy boys. Aside from the three minute instrumental intro, the shortest song is only a hair under 13 minutes. So drawn out…it makes me…want to…put ellipses…between words. Add on top of that Mazin’s unintelligible, rasping growl and the vast majority of the world will think you’re crazy for enjoying this.


It’s perfectly competent Funeral Doom, as far as Funeral Doom goes, but by being competent and playing the style so exactly, INTAGLIO fall into some of the genre’s traps. “Tyomno-Vishnevyie Den’” is a particularly example of decompression—they don’t have the ideas to fill the 13:10 running time, so they repeat a lot of the same stuff over…and over again. I know repetition is fairly common in Funeral Doom, but this is just too much. Take a look at “Odinochestvo”—that song has enough variety (and appropriately Doomy variety at that) that listening to it’s 12:53 is not a chore.


Admittedly, I’m not a big fan of Funeral Doom, but I found quite a few places on “Intaglio” that were comfortable. I think more ardent fans of the genre would really enjoy this release. (Online September 30, 2006)

Keith Stevens

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