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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - SICK OF IT ALL - Death To Tyrants

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Sick Of It All - Death To Tyrants (10/10) - USA - 2006

Genre: Hardcore
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 33:52
Band homepage: Sick Of It All


  1. Take The Night Off
  2. Machete
  3. Preamble
  4. Uprising Nation
  5. Always War
  6. Die Alone
  7. Evil Schemer
  8. Leader
  9. Make A Mark
  10. Forked Tongue
  11. Sodom
  12. Faithless
  13. Fred Army
  14. Thin Skin
  15. Maria White Trash
Sick Of It All - Death To Tyrants

SICK OF IT ALL confidently can be called old warhorses of the New Yorker Hardcore scene as they celebrate their 20th anniversary in 2006 and that with an album which utterly can be called the highlight of their career. “Death To Tyrants” oozes relentlessness and power that it rattles and the sensational production of Dean Baltulonis (MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD, GIVE UP THE GHOST, ...) overtops all expectations and shows SICK OF IT ALL of their best side. Furthermore, the new masterpiece was laid into the veteran hands of Tue Madsen (BORN FROM PAIN, MNEMIC, THE PSYKE PROJECT, ILLDISPOSED, ...) who provided the mix for all in all 15 tracks and so refined  the superb sound even a little more.


And that these New Yorkers don't belong to the old scrap not for a long time yet in 2006 becomes explicit already during the first song “Take The Night Off”. Straight and heavy to the puss, just the way they always did but even a bit more vehement and brutal. Such lyrics like “Let's celebrate that we don't give a fuck, with the middle finger high in the air” alone point out one time and another  that this band goes its way hard as bone and without compromise and they ever will. For many newcomers such (commonplace) phrases sound factitious and untrustworthy, for SICK OF IT ALL even those verbal statements are authentic and in no way embarrassing. Honesty, revealing of social evils and political commitment have always been important cornerstones in the work of this formation and that they loyally continue going on this path “Death To Tyrants” also shows impressively. Just listen to the powerful “Uprising Nation” or “Always War” which is a little reminiscent of SLAYER, initially. One acoustic granade follows the next one and looking for a failure will be in vain, as much be affirmed. No matter if “Die Alone”, “Make A Mark” or “Sodom”, the result is identical each time and so you get a bit more than half an hour of rock-hard New York Hardcore which even puts such much-lauded and terrific bad guys like TERROR, FULL BLOWN CHAOS or FIRST BLOOD in their place.


Who had thought that SICK OF IT ALL would blast in such an extent in 2006. Magnificent, honestly! Moreover, “Death To Tyrants” provides that you browse your collection for older works like “Just Look Around”, “Scratch The Surface” or “Built To Last” and let rotate those milestones in your CD player, once again. Everything else than the highest score would be a devaluation of this effort and that's why you can, yeah you must congratulate this Hardcore institution to an album which just couldn't have been better. Hell yeah! (Online August 12, 2006)

Alexander Ehringer

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