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Timestorm - Shades Of Unconsciousness (5/10) - Italy - 2000

Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Elevate Records
Playing time: 48:21
Band homepage: -


  1. Lost In The Net
  2. Shades Of Unconsciousness
  3. Katharsis
  4. Introspection
  5. Labyrinth Of Dreams
  6. In The Shadows
  7. Away
  8. The King And The Rain
  9. Mother Grace
Timestorm - Shades Of Unconsciousness
Oh, oh. I could have made this review really short by stating "Italy" and the rating and everybody would have known, what it's all about, but as that wouldn't have been really fair, here's a little more.

TIMESTORM play Power/Speed Metal (hey, is there a law in Italy that you're only allowed to play that anymore?) with Progressive elements. Musically it sounds quite a bit bumpy still, especially when they try to loosen up the Italian uniformity with breaks by making it more complicated, so that doesn't really work.

Then let's move over to the vocals, which really are OK in the "normal" heights, but once the pitch rises, it's getting queaky more than once, so this is not the revelation either...

So what more is there to say? Maybe: Why, why, why? There are so many hopeful bands, which are mature enough (instrumentally just as in song-writing) to be banned on CD, but don't get a deal, while on the other hand almost each Italian band that knows how to hold their instruments is getting signed right away...

So who wants to get Italian Power/Speed, should get the role-models RHAPSODY and LABYRINTH or, if you already have them, DOMINE and DRAKKAR are good, too, but better think twice before reaching out for TIMESTORM...

Alexander Melzer

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