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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - AVULSED - Reanimations

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Avulsed - Reanimations (7/10) - Spain - 2006

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Xtreem Music
Playing time: 44:55
Band homepage: Avulsed


  1. River Runs Red
  2. Foetal Consolation
  3. Unconscious Pleasure (2006 Re-Dissection)
  4. Piranha (Exodus)
  5. I Wanna Be Somebody (W.A.S.P)
  6. Mental Misery (Gorefest)
  7. Powdered Flesh (Reanimated by Terroristars)
  8. Devourer Of The Dead (Reanimated by In Element)
  9. Stabwound Orgasm (Reanimated by Carnavage)
  10. Blessed By The Gore (Reanimated by Witches' Sabbath)
  11. Gorespattered Suicide (Reanimated by Flesh Embraced)
  12. Sweet Lobotomy (Reanimated by Kaothic)
  13. Protervia (Reanimated by Byleth)
  14. Sick Sick Sex (Reanimated by Abÿfs)
  15. Stabwound Orgasm (Zardonic Remix)
Avulsed - Reanimations

For me AVULSED is one of those bands that I’ve heard a lot about but never heard any actual music of, I’m pretty sure that a big percentage of our readers knows what I’m talking about. Time is a resource and it can’t be used on music 24/7. Therefore there are some bands you decided to leave alone even though you’ve heard they are a good. AVULSED isn’t my only such band but they are the only one from Spain that fall/fell under this category. When I think about it AVULSED is one of the few bands from Spain that I’m familiar with and as I mentioned I haven’t even been listening to them before receiving “Reanimations”. That should tell everything about my relationship to Spanish Metal. It’s almost non existent; in fact I think I know more about Spanish football than Spanish Metal. Right now I can’t come up with one other Spanish band. For me it seems like their neighbours, Portugal has a stronger Metal scene.


AVULSED is a veteran act as they started their road towards perversion in 1991, all according to The Metal Archives. If you add all their splits, demos and full lengths together they have a total of nineteen releases under their belts, seven of them being full-lengths. I have some doubts calling “Reanimations” for a genuine AVULSED release as it is as much of a compilation as it is an actual album. Half the album is in fact other bands covering AVULSED songs and three of the songs that AVULSED plays are covers as well. Only the first two songs are new AVULSED songs, while “Unconscious Pleasure” is a remake of one of their old ones. Both of the new songs fare well and they make me a bit more curious about AVULSED’s past recordings. I don’t think the old albums will deride much from formula of the new songs, a formula that says Old School Death Metal with gore lyrics, as “Unconscious Pleasure” is pretty much up the very same alley as the new ones. A bit more groove and Rock ’N’ Roll in the new songs perhaps but ultimately the feel is very much the same.


When it comes to AVULSED as a cover band I have mixed feeling. Their cover of “Piranha” is top notch, what a groovy Thrash riff this song has, even a Death Metal band couldn’t make it sound any less Thrash-y, but their cover of “I Wanna Be Somebody” induces laughter rather than a need for head banging. It’s like hearing SIX FEET UNDER doing one of their infamous graveyard robberies. “Mental Misery” sees them taking on an old GOREFEST tune, a song that can be found on that band’s debut, “Mindloss”. This song is a lot better than their coverage of W.A.S.P but not as good as their reinterpretation of EXODUS.


Then we have arrived to the part of the album that makes we want to call it a compilation rather than an album. After “Mental Misery” AVULSED leaves the stage and invites some of their colleagues to do the show. Some fail miserably, some do well and some even manages to surprise a bit. The surprise bit is mainly because KAOTHIC has managed to make “Sweet Lobotomy” into a song that sounds more like NEVERMORE than the band they are covering. At the end things get a bit rougher, with some growls and all, but large parts of this song sound very un-AVULSED. I think the song has turned out great and I would like to know how the hell they managed to make this song out of “Sweet Lobotomy”.


The bit about failing miserably was directed towards ZARDONIC and CARNAVAGE. ZARDONIC takes “Stabwound Orgasm” and turns it into such a bad song that even people high on ecstasy would have real problems enjoying it. We are talking about unadulterated Techno crap here. CARNAVAGE, on the other hand, goes the complete opposite direction and strips down the song to its absolute core. Horrendous drums, weak guitars and lacklustre vocals should explain what this song is all about. Take a listen to that god damn snare sound, possibly among the worst ever recorded. And still it pisses on the Techno version made by ZARDONIC…


IN ELEMENT is another band that deserves some word of praise. Even though there is an industrial feel over their contribution they don’t give you the urge to plug up your ears. This band uses electronic to enhance their music, not to saturate it. Like all bands on this release IN ELEMENT hasn’t spent many hours in the studio polishing their sound. The band who has the best production is the aforementioned KAOTHIC. Apart from CARNAVAGE I think the bands have a production that fits their music. That goes for ZARDONIC as well, shit music shit production.


I’ve already posted a lengthy review this day so I guess the time is right to do the summary. “Reanimations” is a record wholeheartedly recommended to those who can’t get enough of dirty Old School Death Metal. The album/compilation has its share of pits and downfalls but in the end I find it to be an enjoyable ride. Unfortunately I didn’t find any MP3’s to back my words up with but if you pay their homepage a visit you’ll find music to download, just not from “Reanimations” yet. (Online October 5, 2006)

Arve Henriksen

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