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Necrosphere - Revived (9/10) - Italy - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Diehard Music
Playing time: 39:33
Band homepage: Necrosphere


  1. Biomechanical Death Machine
  2. Forbidden Wisdom
  3. Ramming The Blades
  4. Towers Of Sin
  5. Iconoclast
  6. Antropophagus
  7. Resurrecturis (Parts I & II)
  8. Rotten Games
  9. Tombworld
  10. Necrophiliac
  11. Seduced By Masochism
Necrosphere - Revived
For the second time in a few weeks, I hold in my hands a record from a band I've never heard of in the past (the first time being with the SONS OF CHAOS sophomore album). And for the second time in a row I'm totally blown away.

By the way, let's try to clear things a bit, here.

It's likely that the moniker NECROSPHERE doesn't hit a chord for the majority of the Death Metal-fans out there, but if I mention CENOTAPH, the older Deathsters like me can maybe recall a good Italian Death-band which released a couple of good outputs in the late eighties-early nineties. The band reached a quite famous status in the past, to the point of even backing CARCASS in the hey-days. Well, NECROSPHERE is the new beast evoked from the ashes of CENOTAPH. To be true, CENOTAPH never actually split, but the bandmembers decided to change their moniker partly due to the comin' out of several bands which adopted the same moniker, and partly 'cos their musical direction had turned more brutal than in the past.

But that was then. What we have now is "Revived" and believe me, this is first-class brutal Death in its primary fierce embodiment.

For sure the tracks bare an undeniable SLAYER-influence (the opening riff to "Ramming The Blades" is a dead giveaway in that sense), along with numerous hints to the sound of early PESTILENCE, but it all has been metabolized and assimilated by these guys who are now ready to barf their renewed sonic fermentation on us all.

The overall album is a stunning experience for each and every sucker of this brand of Metal. The opener will already kill you off with its insane pace and otherworldly drumming, and the best is yet to come. Actually, on "Revived", astonishment lurks around every corner, and I for myself can't say the same for many recent albums of this sub-genre. Maybe, the climax of the album is reached on "Resurrecturis", with its midplaced crescendo and intense musical variations. My personal faves also include the apparently chaotic and bottom-brutal "Antropophagus" which even borders on Grind, and "Seduced By Masochism" with its hypnotic guitarwork. But I don't wanna do harm to the whole work picking one track among the others, for all of 'em are excellent and extremely worth to be carefully listened and enjoyed.

The drumming is simply unbelievable, Andrea pushing all the boundaries down with a stunning performance; this guy forcefully nominate himself as the next stickgod in line, joining the league of exceptional drummers. His mastery is particularly evident on tracks like "Forbidden Wisdom" and "Iconoclast"; listening to those, I almost got awe struck. But let's not forget the other musicians on there, for each bandmember kicks major ass with his instrument. Really, this album has it all, and the only complaint I may have about is it sorta lacks of innovation, but who the heck cares when the overall quality is so terrific? I for sure don't.

Bottom line: on "Revived", NECROSPHERE gave a small lesson of how brutal Death Metal should sound. (Un)Godly! (Online July 18, 2002)

Luca Moscatiello

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