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Lunatic Gods - The Wilderness (6,5/10) - Slovakia - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Shindy
Playing time: 44:16
Band homepage: Lunatic Gods


  1. Curse
  2. Tormenting World
  3. Fallen Beauty
  4. Doomsday
  5. Battlefield Of Life
  6. Dance Of Salome
  7. Stone
  8. Mystic Way
  9. Bemidbar I.
  10. The Wilderness
  11. Bemidbar II.
Lunatic Gods - The Wilderness
From Slovakia hail the mad gods and the booklet already showcases a few negative things, the weak cover and even more the very tasteless concentration-camp-photos, why that shit? But at least I could not find anything dubious in the lyrics…

Musically we get Death Metal, but not the usual stuff, because sextet successfully tries to do his stuff varied. So in between really heavy Death and symphonic/atmospheric parts you find almost anything that this style has to offer.

Technically they are up to par, only the Death Metal-roar of fronter Emil doesn't fully live up to my expectations at times, and also the song-writing is absolutely good, just listen to the very good "Fallen Beauty" and "Mystic Way", where we'll also get some clear vocals without losing a tad of the heaviness. Also worth mentioning is the closing titletrack, which is flanked by a sitar-intro and -outro, and "Curse", where a (allegedly world famous) sitar-player adds his foreign sounds, which gives it a very interesting touch.

That not all that glitters is gold yet, though, show some passages, which are absolutely standard-Death, without any face or highlights. Also at times the drumming is too hectic and why, as in "Curse", the double-bass keep on thundering along even in the calm passages, does somebody fear that he could not get the timing back into action? I doubt it…

Well, altogether a quite good album, which nicely differs from the rest, if you can disregard the mentioned mankos and even more if there would not be the bitter taste of the photos... (Online July 19, 2002)

Alexander Melzer

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