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Tenebrae In Perpetuum - Antico Misticismo (7,5/10) - Italy - 2006

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Debemur Morti
Playing time: 39:48
Band homepage: -


  1. Crepuscolo Di Misticismo
  2. La Sopressione Delle Fedi
  3. Sub Zero
  4. Terrore Sprituale
  5. Un Sogno Oscuro
  6. Mutilazioni Celesti
  7. Sconsacrato Con L'Odio
Tenebrae In Perpetuum - Antico Misticismo

Perhaps it’s fate, or mere coincidence, but I received this promo to review on a day following its recommendation to me. Needless to say the conversation had left my interest somewhat piqued so it wasn’t with a completely open mind that I began listening to this album. Indeed it was a mixture of both expectation and skepticism; neither of which are mindsets for favourable reviewing.


Elements of BURZUM emerge, with its effective dissonance, lending itself well to the depressed soundscape. With distorted vocals embodying a primal frustration, the effect is more important than the tonal quality. However, for the most part, TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM remain firmly fixed in the traditional Norse sound of repetitious melodies and minimal percussion.


Although the name and the song titles, may well put some off such a blatantly pretentious act, TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM should not be discounted solely on such, inconsequential grounds. With “Antico Misticismo,” this Italian outfit have created an album where the content outstrips the concept, where the bleakness surpasses the claims.


Moreover, don’t let the tried-and-tested “Under A Funeral Moon” formula put you off if you’re a jaded old-timer, disillusioned with the progress - or rather, lack thereof - of contemporary acts. This album is quality. I find the whole effect to be of a similar, though perhaps not quite as high, standard to both SECRETS OF THE MOON and WATAIN’s debut offerings. Both showed bands willing to challenge an inherently traditional approach to the music by deviate enough from the well-trodden path to lend an individual trait of their own. This does likewise and does it well. (Online August 16, 2006)

Niall Kennedy

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