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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - RUNEMAGICK - Resurrection In Blood

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Runemagick - Resurrection In Blood (8/10) - Sweden - 2000

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 50:04
Band homepage: Runemagick


  1. Resurrection Of The Dark Lord
  2. Reborn In Necromancy >mp3
  3. Death Collector
  4. Dark Dead Earth
  5. Lord Of The Grave
  6. Choir Of Hades
  7. Resurrection In Blood >mp3
  8. Hall Death
  9. Dominion Of The Necrogods
  10. Demonstrosity
  11. The Gates Of Hades
  12. Return Of The Reaper
  13. Celebration Of Death
Runemagick - Resurrection In Blood

RUNEMAGICK is in my opinion the best Doom Metal band in Sweden, for me they outclass CANDLEMASS in every aspect. I wrote this only because I know there are a lot of people out there who appreciate CANDLEMASS immensely. I don’t understand one bit of the fuzz around CANDLEMASS, the same goes for KING DIAMOND, which of course doesn’t make them lesser bands. There has been little to no fuzz around RUNEMAGICK, so it’s nothing to understand really. They have evolved from Death Metal, but always with Doom influences, into more of a pure variant of Doom Metal. Their first chapter, ending with “Resurrection In Blood “, is closer to Death than Doom Metal I would say. Even though “Resurrection In Blood” was released on Century Media RUNEMAGICK weren’t successful in spreading their name. I suspect Century Media for lazy/lousy promotion of the album. “Resurrection In Blood” isn’t exactly a classic but a damn fine platter of Doom-y Death Metal it is.


“Resurrection In Blood” is one of those homogenous records that doesn’t bid on any real surprises other than good songs. You won’t find wicked breakdowns, jazz rhythms, clean vocals (some spoken), or any other sorts of artistry besides perfectly executed growls, churning riffs and well written songs. The drums are simple all the way, something which is perfectly ok sometimes. When you know that Niklas Rudolfssen did all the work himself on “Resurrection In Blood”, including drums, you have to give him the credit for having a unique talent. As I said there is nothing breathtakingly technical on “Resurrection In Blood” but it’s rock solid material nonetheless. At least this guy knows how to write some proper songs, not just putting riffs together at random. I also like his work in the lighter scales like solos and harmonies. Nothing intricate, just small touches of brilliance, Niklas are a master of his art.


If you want further proof of that I think you should listen to DEATHWITCH as well, a dirty mixture of Black, Death and Thrash Metal with a fair share of fuck you all attitude. CARPATHIAN FOREST is the kings here as they have named their latest album “Fuck You All”. To top that you would have to release a record called “Fuck You All (Including All Those Yet To Be Born).


“Resurrection In Blood” sounds terrific production wise. The riffs sounds at home, the drums are powerful, vocals just where they are supposed to be and the bass is nowhere to be found. Not that I miss it much. The guitars are so heavy that they probably muted out most of the bass lines, or perhaps the bass is distorted too, explaining the stomping heaviness of the riffs.


If someone put a gun to my head and ordered me to pick a favourite song it would have to be “Dominion Of The Necrogods”. It’s not an obvious choice and could perhaps change from day to day, but today is today and I’m not writing this review tomorrow. What I’m trying to say with this review is that you should obtain this album if you are a fan of slow, Doom-y, Death Metal. You can start with downloading the MP3’s I’ve linked to.


(If you read this review after the links are dead, sorry) (Online August 16, 2006)

Arve Henriksen

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