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Necrotize - s/t (7/10) - Great Britain - 2006

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 32:12
Band homepage: Necrotize


  1. Hordes Of God
  2. Love Pain And Suffering
  3. Roots Of Existence
  4. Senses
  5. Extremist
  6. In My Corner
  7. Blood Of The World
  8. Heronic
Necrotize - s/t

Although the West Midlands of England wouldn’t come to mind quickly when thinking of Metal, it has actually produced some of the most revered bands in history, LED ZEPPELIN, JUDAS PRIEST and BLACK SABBATH to name a few (and what a few, eh?). Into this foray now steps NECROTIZE, a stripped down Death Metal band who shoot for a rawer sound than many of the contemporary DM acts display.


When I say rawer and stripped down, I’m simply referring to the fact NECROTIZE don’t incorporate any ambient passages, samples, or even the ripping tremulous picking you often here opening many Death Metal tunes. No, NECROTIZE stick to some very basic chords and in doing so in a way bring a somewhat fresh sound to these Death loving ears. That’s not to disparage bands who are more nuanced or have perhaps engage in a more lavish production or to do the same to NECROTIZE. It just makes a change once in a while to hear very simple, but ripping Metal like this. Opening with “Hordes Of God” was a great move by these lads, as it is a fuming lament towards those of a more pious nature and a kick right in the nuts. Nothing like a solid opener to an album I say. This self titled release then goes on in most songs to churn out powered chords with a weight that is simple yet completely enjoyable. There are tinges here and there such as in “Roots Of Existence” where those power chords are accented by some nice licks and riffs. Some of the songs have the same feel of early ENTOMBED and their earlier incarnation NIHILIST: plug it in, crank it out and growl with the mid-paced chugging.


NECROTIZE have here an album that isn’t going to redefine any genre or push a new movement in Metal, but who cares. This accumulation of thick slabs of no-frills Metal does it’s job just fine and has already been played for enjoyment since I received it and not just for review. (Online October 12, 2006)

Stephen Rafferty

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