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Mercenary - The Hours That Remain (10/10) - Denmark - 2006

Genre: Modern Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 62:13
Band homepage: Mercenary


  1. Redefine Me  
  2. Year Of The Plague  
  3. My World Is Ending  
  4. This Eternal Instant  
  5. Lost Reality  
  6. Soul Decision >mp3
  7. Simplicity Demand  
  8. Obscure Indiscretion  
  9. My Secret Window  
  10. The Hours That Remain
Mercenary - The Hours That Remain

"The Hours That Remain" rips through my den like a tornado because of the incredible production. But these Danes also go strong concerning their songs. Their mixture of modern Metal paired with Heavy, Prog, Thrash and Melodic Death has almost been perfected here. Furthermore, almost all of the vocals are clean now.


Hats off, great performance by Mikkel Sandager who sang it all on his own, the occasional growls, too. The former vocalist Kral namely left the band which I appreciate - because now, MERCENERY sound better than ever before! It also has become much more melodic, however, the sooner hook and the punch have remained. MERCENARY still act on a very high level. None other than Jacob Hansen provided this magnificent production that is worthy of this awesome record. The choruses are great and I don't feel as if I lost the thread, even during the longer tracks.


"11 Dreams" was already marvelous, but this album is sheer madness and close to perfection! (Online October 7, 2006)

Ralf Henn

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