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Zool - s/t (4/10) - Sweden - 2002

Genre: Heavy Rock
Label: Lucretia Records
Playing time: 43:38
Band homepage: -


  1. Snake Eyes >mp3
  2. Burning Ice
  3. Valley Of The Witch
  4. Balder (Son Of Odin)
  5. Dragon Chaser
  6. The Eye Of The Beast
  7. The Rise Of The Evil Star
  8. The Shepherd And The Lamb
  9. Throne Of Thor
  10. Cross Of Greed
Zool - s/t
With song titles that would make MANOWAR envious ZOOL play a tried and tested and to be honest a run of the mill Hard Rock/Melodic, Neo Classical sound. There isn't one bit of originality in ZOOL. One minute they are RAINBOW sounding on "Valley Of The Witch" or that should really be "Man On The Silver Mountain"; next they are DIO vocals and band on "Balder (Son Of Odin)"; Malmsteen on "Dragon Chaser" then it's back to DIO on the "Eyes Of The Beast" and not to be outdone QUEEN pop up for the intro to the instrumental "The Rise Of The Evil Star". And I'll just mention that FALCONER and THE STORYTELLER manage to nudge their way into "The Shepherd And The Lamb".

Vocally Martin (no surname) flits from Ronnie James to Tony 'The Cat' (ex BLACK SABBATH) to Messiah Marcolin of CANDLEMASS on EVERY song. It would perhaps be more interesting if he actually tried to sing like himself and not copy three unique vocalists. The guitar work of Henrik Flyman is solid and crisp but the solos are Malmsteen rip-offs. The rest of the band barely rate a mention as it's quite obvious they've just listened to "Holy Diver" and "Long Live Rock 'N Roll" and nicked all the good bits.

One for the bargain bin I'm afraid. (Online May 15, 2003)

Chris Doran

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