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Korpiklaani - Tales Along This Road (8/10) - Finland - 2006

Genre: Folk Metal
Label: Napalm Records
Playing time: 42:33
Band homepage: Korpiklaani


  1. Happy Little Boozer >mp3
  2. Vškirauta >mp3
  3. Midsummer Night
  4. Tulikokko
  5. Spring Dance
  6. Under The Sun
  7. Korpiklaani
  8. Rise >mp3
  9. Kirki >mp3
  10. Hide Your Riches
Korpiklaani - Tales Along This Road

Hot damn, it's only been a year or less since their last outing and now they fire back with this. It seems like instead of giving us more of the traditional Folk/atmospheric/Metal, they are dishing out more drinking music. "Happy Little Boozer" is laced with Polka and Folk and it's up beat as hell. The title says it all and if I didn't know any better, I would have thought that this was the official theme song to Oktoberfest down in Deutschland. Man, even though I don't drink beer at all I just wanted to bust out my beer stein and dance around the house as I get jacked up.


"Vškirauta" adds some heavy and very metallic guitar riffs to the Polka jams. The drums are heavy here and this one is amped up to the max. The vocals are gruffy, but filled and delivered with delight. Plenty of background singing is added to the mix for ultimate fun. "Tuli Kokko" goes for the old school vibe that the band is known for. After starting out the show with a few happy jams, the guys go for the heavy yet slow riffing, along with a simple and basic drum beat along with flutes for a feeling that makes you think that you are in the forest.


Sure most of the songs on here are repetitive, but if you are just looking to have a good time and you like the sounds from around the world then this is something you want, but if you want something extra you better go elsewhere. I had a blast with this disc and will continue to do so until they call it quits. (Online August 18, 2006)

Joe Florez

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