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Spawn Of Possession - Noctambulant (8,5/10) - Sweden - 2006

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Neurotic Records
Playing time: 41:30
Band homepage: Spawn Of Possession


  1. Inception
  2. Lash By Lash
  3. Solemn They Wait
  4. Render My Prey
  5. Eve Of Contempt
  6. Sour Flow
  7. By A Thousand Deaths Fulfilled
  8. Dead & Grotesque
  9. In My Own Greed
  10. Scorched
Spawn Of Possession - Noctambulant

Now this is something refreshing – a technical Death Metal band that reaches out, grabs you by the nads and blasts the crap out of you, whilst remaining instantly likeable and just melodic enough (not in a Melodic Death Metal way though) to keep everything moving along nicely. After a few weeks of not having listened to anything new, SPAWN OF POSSESSION has reminded me why I got into Death Metal in the first place. Brutal riffing, blistering solos, deep vocals, fast and all-over-the-place (and in this case mind bogglingly fast) drumming and occasional unpredictable song structures and melodies, it’s all here.


This is my first encounter with Swedish five-piece, but after a bit of research I’ve found out that the band has supported such acts as CANNIBAL CORPSE, HYPOCRISY and KATAKLYSM and it’s easy to see how they can live up to the reputation this must have brought them. I’ve had “Noctambulant” stuck in my Hi-fi for a week straight now and it’s still a crushing joy to listen to. What I really love about the album is that on top of the exceptionally tight production and musicianship there are sporadic ambient acoustic passages which as well as providing short breaks from the Metal also heighten the heaviness which follows. The end of “Sour Flow” serves as great example and sets up “By A Thousand Deaths Fulfilled” superbly.


For me to pick stand out tracks it’s tricky, that’s for sure! It seems as if every song brings something new that hasn’t been covered and each one definitely has its own merits. At the moment I’m really into “Dead & Grotesque” – truly some satisfying guitar riffs throughout, quite frankly ridiculous blast beats at a speed that as a drummer I couldn’t even hope to master for a while yet and a fantastically technical solo that really showcases the amount of talent these guys seem to have flowing out of their ears. And another track that has just come to my immediate attention as I’m listening to it right now – “Scorched”, which begins with some eerie sound effect and what sounds a bit like chimes. Soon enough, what sounds like the soundtrack for a scary theme park ride kicks in, only to be utterly obliterated by the heaviest and fastest riffing on the album. A great example of the perfect ending for an album and a full-on Metal kick in the face!


I have no problems with the album at all, for me 8,5 is a very good mark, but something I can’t quite put my finger on is holding me back from lifting it up to a 9 or higher. But anyway, one could certainly be in no wrong by getting hold of “Noctambulant”, it has everything a damn fine album needs and SPAWN OF POSSESSION should be immensely proud of it. (Online October 18, 2006)

Tom Bartlett

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