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Reido - F:/All (6/10) - Belarus - 2006

Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Solitude Productions
Playing time: 70:11
Band homepage: Reido


  1. Zero Level Activity >mp3
  2. Frozen Terror
  3. I Am The Absolute Truth >mp3
  4. Exhausted
  5. Logical Collapse >mp3
Reido - F:/All

Ah, the wonderful joys of Funeral Doom. Like genre forefathers SKEPTICISM and THERGOTHON, Belarus' own REIDO play painfully slow, mangled Doom Metal with deep, growly vocals and a smattering of despair and deepy depressive atmosphere. "F:/All" is an album full of crawling beats, chunky riffs and really loud keys, though not played in the church organ style, a la SKEPTICISM. Instead, we get attempts at, to use a completely tired turn of phrase, "swirling soundscapes". The overall feeling here is a whole lot brighter than most other Funeral Doom acts - make no mistake, it's still dark as Hell, just not quite as abysmal and miserable. Kind of like a rainbow through the Nineth Circle, if you will.


The problem with "F:/All" is that is just doesn't grab me like, say, "Stormcrowfleet" grabbed me. I listened to this album as I did the dishes, as I prepped a grammar lesson, as a I folded laundry - and never once did it even remotely distract me from what I was doing. Is this the kind of music that can only be appreciated if one is sitting still and solitary in a dark room, surrounded by candles and skulls? Perhaps, but when I imagine that scenario, I think I'd probably fall asleep rather than fall deeper into REIDO's twisted aura. The album just drones on, seemingly repeating itself and never leaving much of an impression.


The two dozen Funeral Doom fans in the world will want to check this out, as perhaps they will find the same characteristics in this as they do in other genre favorites. For me and most other Metalheads, however, "F:/All" is about as interesting as, well, something that isn't very interesting at all. (Online October 19, 2006)

Wesley D. Cray

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