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Holy Dragons - Voskhod Chernoy Luny (7,5/10) - Kazakhstan - 2006

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Metalism Records
Playing time: 62:42
Band homepage: Holy Dragons


  1. Voskhod Chernoy Luny >mp3
  2. Svoboda
  3. Tengri >mp3
  4. Pulya U Stary Shtyika
  5. Zapretnyi Gorizont
  6. Morok
  7. Povelitely Mira
  8. Dinamit
  9. Doch Chernoy Luny >mp3
  10. Synovya Yudy
  11. Zerkalo Sudyby
Holy Dragons - Voskhod Chernoy Luny

It is almost spooky to see how quickly the Kazakhs from HOLY DRAGONS deliver their CDs. Each year at least one, ok we had some re-releases lately, but in spite of that it is blow upon blow. Now they are back with “Voskhod Chernoy Luny”, their 8th if I have counted right, and one may say that in the meantime they have found their own style and sound.


The trio Komeroff, Thunderson, Caine (why are bands trying to hide behind strange pseudos anyway?) remained true to its often fast Power Metal with Komaroff’s somewhat unique and harsh voice. Fortunately they have not made the mistake of writing the same album again, instead are trying a somewhat loosened path. The opener “Voskhod Chernoy Luny“ surprises with a riffing reminding of ANNIHILATOR, thundering double bass and a somewhat playful acoustic intermezzo.


And even afterwards they reveal good abilities for good melodies and a good strain, which has already been a characteristic of HOLY DRAGONS. On “Tengri” Komaroff’s vocals sound a bit off the track, but the Jew’s harp compensates for all that. “Povelitely Mira” shows another side of the Kazakhs, dragging with very own melodies, which seem influenced by folklore, sounds different, but good and is a pleasant alternative, for example to the following galloping “Dinamit”. “Synovya Yudy” is also winsome as well, which uses divine harmony guitars, I love it!


In spite of the slight changes, the Power Metal – haters will hate and laugh at HOLY DRAGONS’s “Voskhod Chernoy Luny”, but if you have a weakness for this kind of Power Metal, and have not yet heard anything from the most active band from Kazakhstan, then you should catch up on them, cause they are really good! (Online August 21, 2006)

Alexander Melzer

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