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Mister Kite - All In Time (6/10) - Sweden - 2002

Genre: Progressive Rock
Label: Lion Music
Playing time: ??:??
Band homepage: Mister Kite


  1. All In Time
  2. I Want More
  3. Here We Are
  4. Seventeen Years
  6. Part 1 - Stranger
  7. Part II -God Knows I Know
  8. Part III -Another Me
  9. Rain
  10. It's Too Late
  11. Inside
  12. Soulsaving Sister
  13. The End Is Near
  14. Part IV -Reflections
Mister Kite - All In Time
Well, I do not know. Sounds quite nice what the Swedes of MISTER KITE give us here, but somehow nothing really grips me. Sure, technically they play very well and tight and have with Alf Wemmenling a very well schooled singer, whose Blues- and Gospel-like facets do not go down with me at all.

That this band is announced as Prog Metal also is a little far out. I rather count bands like WATCHTOWER or SPIRAL ARCHITECT in there! Compared to them MISTER KITE are rather pure Rock! Just like with the FLOWER KINGS I just don't find the entrance to their universe, but I definitely acknowledge that we do not get a loose chain of different parts. There's quite some work and dedication in here!

But honestly, if you dislike the vocals with a passion, then the record has died for you, hasn't it? Just because the band is fit instrumentally, I do not have to like it! So neutral 6 points! (Online July 21, 2002)

Ralf Henn

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