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Uncreation's Dawn - Death's Tyranny (8/10) - Finland - 2006

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Northern Heritage Records
Playing time: 59:17
Band homepage: -


  1. Hatemystical (Introduction)
  2. Lifeless Dominium Opens
  3. Death's Tyranny
  4. Cold Venom
  5. Luciferian Conquest
  6. Flame Of Heresy
  7. Black Iron
  8. Wolfage War Command
  9. Worship The Black Flame
  10. Strangulation
Uncreation's Dawn - Death's Tyranny

Who's been taking too many nasty pills then? I suspect there are a few empty medicine bottles in the cave where UNCREATION'S DAWN dwell.


This lot bare their teeth until you can hear jaws snapping, blood and phlegm splattering the raw beastie that is “Death's Tyranny.” This is a two-headed monster, one of which constantly barks and snarls, the other imparts an evil glare as it contemplates the best way to sink fang into flesh. So, we have bursts of rabid speed and then more considered sinister sections that brood and plot, it all adds up to a vicious stab of Black Metal that draws heritage from the old and inspiration from the new.


This album weaves an aloofness with a secret desire to kick ass and so arch vocals sneer down on you whilst the music sweeps you up and takes you for a hell-ride. It also takes a basic frame of straight forward Black Metal, strengthens it and then embellishes it with some Don Blocksidge engraving. For all the throat ripping, UNCREATION'S DAWN manage to keep well away from the pitfalls of all out blazing and incorporate all manner of hooks to keep you with them. The speed regularly dips to emphasise the menace and some of the lead motifs are inspired.


The band are at their most potent when the fire is stoked and they have a head of steam behind them, the title track charges along on a purposeful heading before hitting the buffers and breaking up into a whirlwind of chaos, it then finds the rails again for the race to the finish. The Black Metal of UNCREATION'S DAWN has a thick, meaty sound and at times I am reminded of NAGELFAR around “Virus West,” and that is no bad thing. It is obvious that the band place more importance on power than gratuitous speed and so whilst this album don't hang about, it is measured and relatively articulate.


There are minor elements of Death Metal to “Death's Tyranny” but this isn't Black/Death, the band keeping focused on their chosen genre. They are not beholden however to any orthodox genre restrictions and incorporate variety and some straight jacketed experimentation (don't panic!) to add some foul spice to proceedings. There is plenty of groove ploughing through the album which, when combined with the solid pummeling from the drums will result in all manner of nonsense with tennis rackets in bedrooms.


For all the hyperbole that accompanied this CD, UNCREATION'S DAWN have walked the walk and provided a Pit bull of an album that as well as blatantly tearing your leg off, also lurks at the gate ready to leap out and give you reason to change your trousers. (Online October 19, 2006)

Niall MacCartney

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