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Various Artists - Nighthawk Vol. 1 (-/10) - V/A - 2006

Genre: Various
Label: Micro Phonics
Playing time: 68:37
Band homepage: -


  1. Sunset On Your Way (Ad Lacum)
  2. Sea Of Knowledge (Infinight)
  3. Übers Ganze Jahr (Stonehenge)
  4. Broken (Trinity)
  5. Reign Of Fire (Icon)
  6. Scream (Ex-Ortation)
  7. Howard The Beaver (Corwen)
  8. 2046 (Pylon)
  9. Vision (Diskriminator)
  10. Kill The DJ (Messenger) >mp3
  11. Expectation Of Remorse (Affliction) >mp3
  12. Der Stille Feind (Myrasam) >mp3
  13. Angels Fall (Petrified)
  14. Bad World (Remix) (Thunder-X)
  15. Witches Rune (Priestess)
  16. Lay Down (Fabi Ann)
Various Artists - Nighthawk Vol. 1

Ah, compilations, are good to check out new bands, but are giving a hard time for reviewers, because very often you don’t fancy a part of the bands or the quality leaves much to be desired. “Nighthawk Vol. 1” consists partly of bands form Switzerland and partly of bands coming from the western parts of Germany, some of them from Saarland.


To the highlights of the record belong INFINIGHT (non-bombastic Power Metal 8/10), AFFLICTION (Melodic Death 8/10), DISKRIMINATOR (Gothic Black/Death Metal 7,5/10), THUNDER-X (traditional Melodic Metal 7,5/10) and PYLON (instrumental Doom Metal 7,5/10). Then we have some of average quality and some which should better have been omitted, cause they derogate the quality of the CD: MYSARAM (Rock/Metal, partly well rocking, partly with techno influences and very insecure vocals 4/10), TRINITY (modern Metal 5/10), PRIESTESS (Melodic Metal 5/10) and STONEHENGE (a kind of Prog Metal (5.5/10).


For the rest, I can state that the sound quality of the songs is partly extremely fluctuating, which only comes to prove the potential problems these CD’s can provide, just as I have written earlier. Some good things, more average and unfortunately some junk as well.


Well yeah, Germany has narrowly won this “game” against Switzerland… (Online August 22, 2006)

Alexander Melzer

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